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Outwitting a U-boat

Heroes Remember

Going over on the Queen Elizabeth. That was quite an event, but I didn’t know it until after I got off of it. The story was

Video of the Queen Elizabeth.

a German submarine captain fired two torpedoes at us and he


missed. Now that night on the ship I realized that she’d taken quite a turn to port and living on the coast we were familiar with being on ships and also the two of us, Nova Scotians, got up in the morning and looked out and realized we’re heading far north. It was very cold and we realized something must have happened, but we didn’t know till we got to England. Couple of days later the news said that the Germans said that they sank the Queen Elizabeth and we just got off.

Mr. Estwick describes the evasive measures used by HMS Queen Elizabeth when she was attacked by a U-boat on her way to England.

Sam Estwick

Sam Estwick was a native of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. His memory of convoys passing the Cape Breton coast after the outbreak of war are vivid. Mr. Estwick aspired to become a pilot, but served overseas with the ground crew servicing Allied aircraft. Following the war, Mr. Estwick rejoined the regular force, working as a radar technician, and later as an instructor. He retired after 23 years, having attained the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Sam Estwick
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Second World War
Air Force
Flight Lieutenant
Ground Crew

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