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Another Wounded Airman

Heroes Remember

Another Wounded Airman

We did our work Helped the air crews, test, I did air testing

Aircrew around an airplane.

on equipment and all that. But then when they drop paratroopers

Gun barrels getting cleaned out.

Photograph of pilot with his gear on.

and things like that, I got to a slit trench and you didn’t get

Paratroopers in the sky.

hit you just lived another day. It’s difficult to explain in war time conditions. When you signed up you signed your name on the dotted line. You might die or you might not die. You do what you can to stay alive, you know. Aircraft come back with

Fighter plane making a hard landing in the snow crashing into a parked plane.

some of the crew shot up. You take the bodies out. You don’t worry about it. It’s just another event. That’s war time condition.

Mr. Estwick describes his survival instinct and eventually becoming hardened to death and injury.

Sam Estwick

Sam Estwick was a native of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. His memory of convoys passing the Cape Breton coast after the outbreak of war are vivid. Mr. Estwick aspired to become a pilot, but served overseas with the ground crew servicing Allied aircraft. Following the war, Mr. Estwick rejoined the regular force, working as a radar technician, and later as an instructor. He retired after 23 years, having attained the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
Person Interviewed:
Sam Estwick
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Air Force
Flight Lieutenant
Ground Crew

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