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A Good Career Choice

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A Good Career Choice

After VJ-Day I wanted to go to university and there were finances for that in a way, but I had my mother to look after and I felt I needed a little bit more money. So I signed up for the interim force then. I think the best decision I’ve ever made

Mr.Estwick being shown, wearing his uniform.

in my life is to get in the Air Force. I had to fight to get in.

Two pilots ready to go.

It took a year and a half to get in and I’m very glad I did that. I stayed in. I have no regrets about it now, looking back. I

Soldier leaning up against door, with his hands in his pocket.

know some of my friends that I went to school with and I don’t think they’re really any better off than I am from what I’ve done, from what I had to start with. I think I’ve done well. I did well on the courses that I took. I was the instructor at the school for some time and some of the people I instructed

Officers inspecting troops during a parade.

are senior officers now and they’ve come back and told me about what I did and it made me feel right good. It made me feel so proud of myself that to have somebody who’s well up there

Portrait of Mr. Estwick.

come and say, I’m glad you taught me this. To me it’s like any other job. It must be something that you want to do and do the

Mr.Estwick by 415 Squadron crest.

best you can on it. You can learn a tremendous amount you can learn, and one of the things about being in the military, you’re with people. And you learn people, there are all types of people in this world, good, bad, and indifferent and they’re all there. You have to learn to live with them and the thing is getting the job done, make it happen.

Mr. Estwick discusses the value of the military experience and why he personally found the Air Force such a worthwhile career choice.

Sam Estwick

Sam Estwick was a native of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. His memory of convoys passing the Cape Breton coast after the outbreak of war are vivid. Mr. Estwick aspired to become a pilot, but served overseas with the ground crew servicing Allied aircraft. Following the war, Mr. Estwick rejoined the regular force, working as a radar technician, and later as an instructor. He retired after 23 years, having attained the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Sam Estwick
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Second World War
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