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Going overseas and training in England

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Going overseas and training in England

And eventually all moved to, at least the battalion, moved over seas, I think about September, October, and those of us that were sort of hangers on, or at least not, we had just finished we stayed with the brigade and we were in Toronto in the exhibition buildings and in Toronto for a month. And then we got a boat over to England in November. And we were in England, and then of course when we finally got to England where we were there for three and a half years before we joined the group went over to D-day. We'd had a chance then to increase our training. Hitler hadn't followed up on his air plane situation and so we gained a lot of confidence in our ability to do the job we were supposed to do.

Mr. Robinson remembers being transported overseas and the training he received during his time in England.

Sherwin Robinson

Sherwin Robinson was born in Innisvale, Alberta on April 5, 1915. He was a member of the 15th Alberta Lighthorse (Cavalry group) prior to the Second World War. As the Cavalry was not being used at the outbreak of the war, he joined the Calgary Highlanders on September 12, 1939, at the age of 24. During his service, Mr. Robinson moved through the ranks and occupied various positions. Following the war, he took a job with the Veterans Land Administration (VLA), eventually taking a position in Ottawa, where he remained.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Sherwin Robinson
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Calgary Highlanders
Platoon Sergeant Major

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