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And we went back to the headquarters at night time the adjutant said, he called me over and said, "Would you be ready to go back to Canada tomorrow morning?", and I said, "Are you kidding?", and he said "No", and he said "You have your, the number of points you need, you have a wife at home you've been wounded twice", and he says "you've got enough points to go home." Well I said I'm not going to argue with it at this stage in the game, and that was on, it happened to be the 5th of April which is my birthday, so it was quite a good sign. And from that it was just a matter of moving through the echelon, various transportation things until I got back into England again, and found out what, I wasn't going to be signed on immediately, but anyway we got home and we got back to Canada on the, I think it was the 8th of June, and we got back into Calgary in and around those dates. I've maybe lost a few days one or the other but anyway that's when we got back into Calgary and got together with my wife and family and met all the farm gang down in Calgary and so on and that was the end of the, that phase of the war.

Mr. Robinson describes the circumstances that led to his return back to Canada. He also describes the trip home.

Sherwin Robinson

Sherwin Robinson was born in Innisvale, Alberta on April 5, 1915. He was a member of the 15th Alberta Lighthorse (Cavalry group) prior to the Second World War. As the Cavalry was not being used at the outbreak of the war, he joined the Calgary Highlanders on September 12, 1939, at the age of 24. During his service, Mr. Robinson moved through the ranks and occupied various positions. Following the war, he took a job with the Veterans Land Administration (VLA), eventually taking a position in Ottawa, where he remained.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Sherwin Robinson
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Second World War
Calgary Highlanders
Platoon Sergeant Major

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