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I think it was a couple of days before we were about to, before we were leaving and there was a hillside about a kilometre, well maybe two kilometres away and it was full of residential, well, full of houses and you could hear what sounded like a 20 mm cannon shooting. It seemed indiscriminately into the houses from maybe a kilometre from the side of us in to the hillside and we’re just watching this because, okay, what can you do about it? At one point in time there was a ricochet and it came right at us. You could hear it whizzing and everybody kind of did this, but where you going to go, right? And it landed maybe 20 feet from us. So okay that was, you know, you could get hit anywhere. So just close calls, I would say that was the biggest thing that.... A lot of guys had close calls and for the amount of let’s say stuff that was flying around, I think overall we were pretty lucky.

Mr. Slusar describes some of the close calls experienced and witnessing the sight of gun fire coming towards their camp.

Clint Slusar

Mr. Slusar was born September 28, 1967 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After making the decision to join the military, Mr. Slusar enlisted in the army with the 3 Royal Canadian Regiment. After spending time in Germany training as a combat soldier, Mr. Slusar travelled with his fellow soldiers to Sarajevo in 1992 as part of November Company Group. Because of his service during his tour in Sarajevo, Mr. Slusar was awarded The Commander-In-Chief Unit commendation for his participation in securing the Sarajevo Airport for humanitarian relief flights and escorting these relief convoys into the city. Mr. Slusar retired from the military for personal reasons and has a great amount of pride for his service in Sarajevo.

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