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Supplies Not Meant for the Military

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Supplies Not Meant for the Military

For myself, one thing that I wasn’t happy about was that we had, we were taking all this food and aid to these warehouses. And from what I, from what I knew at the time is that, you know, everybody around the world was trying to help in some way, shape or form because these people were starving. The countries were, you know, giving troops, planes, supplies, everything themselves. We were bringing it there, transporting it to these warehouses, but the, only the people in the warehouses were capable of giving it out, not us. And we just finished delivering a convoy of supplies to one warehouse and as we were driving out of this laneway, there were military trucks waiting to drive in. And it wasn’t meant for them and we knew that. And as soon as we were driving out they drove in and I told my sergeant, I said, “Hey, I have a video camera. I can walk back down the road and video these guys.” I said, “I don’t care if you give the tape to whomever, then they’ve got proof and something might be done about this.” He radioed in the possibility of this happening and they declined it because we had timings to meet with other convoys. And that really turned my stomach. And about three days later, we have UN observers also going to different military sites throughout the city and the hillside and they found that food at a military camp. So that was hard not to take in that sense.

Mr. Slusar witnesses the food and medical supplies for the civilian people being taken by the military for their own use, an act he could not support.

Clint Slusar

Mr. Slusar was born September 28, 1967 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After making the decision to join the military, Mr. Slusar enlisted in the army with the 3 Royal Canadian Regiment. After spending time in Germany training as a combat soldier, Mr. Slusar travelled with his fellow soldiers to Sarajevo in 1992 as part of November Company Group. Because of his service during his tour in Sarajevo, Mr. Slusar was awarded The Commander-In-Chief Unit commendation for his participation in securing the Sarajevo Airport for humanitarian relief flights and escorting these relief convoys into the city. Mr. Slusar retired from the military for personal reasons and has a great amount of pride for his service in Sarajevo.

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Clint Slusar
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