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Missing the Chance to go Overseas

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Missing the Chance to go Overseas

There weren’t that many WD’s that really got overseas, you know accordingly to numbers. However, once they had five WD’s posted from our station, a sergeant, a corporal, a WD and a couple of AW’s. By rights I should have been one of them but I was a little WD in the dentist chair and the most handsome brute you ever saw on two feet in a flying uniform, an officer, came up to chat with the dentist. They spent an hour out in the hall and the officer wanted to know how he could get his teeth whiter. So (pardon me) when I got out of the dentist and back to the unit these postings had taken place. So I wasn’t very happy. I went into the flying adjutant and told him what I thought and they had already made one change and they wouldn’t make another. So he said, “But we’re going to give you your corporal hooks.” Well I never was a swearing type but I said, “Who in hell wants their corporal hooks?” It’s a wonder I hadn’t been put on charge but I wasn’t thank goodness! But it was even in my records in the end that they created the space to give me my corporal hooks.

Ms. Brown shares her story about the unusual circumstance of missing out on a posting to go for overseas which resulted in her being offered her Corporal hooks

Celia Brown

Celia Brown was born December 30, 1920 in Sussex, New Brunswick. Her motivation to join the Air Force was inspired at a young age by the fascination of wanting to fly. After joining up in New Brunswick, Ms. Brown travelled to Toronto for training and later performed much of her In-Canada service in Dofton, Manitoba serving in the Clerk Administration field holding rank of Corporal. Today Ms. Brown is very active with the Women’s Division of the Royal Canadian Air Force where she advocates for their recognition and contribution made by the Women who served with the Canadian military. On November 12, 1945, after 4 years service, Ms. Brown discharged from the Air Force.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Celia Brown
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Second World War
Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force Women's Division

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