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The Fun Side of Service

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The Fun Side of Service

We had a lot of fun. Of course, I think people who grew up in small towns like I did, it was easier than people say from Toronto, Winnipeg, that they had more activities around but we made our own fun. We had a canteen on the station, however, the men had the wet canteen. We were the other side, it was one building so one side it was the men so we couldn’t go in their side. And of course they had no beer, no alcoholic drinks in our side. You just couldn’t do any. We could, if you didn’t like the mess meals, you’d go up to the canteen and ask for a great big fat juicy ten cent sundae, a slice of toast and a cup of coffee. Because on our big salary of .90 cents a day when we started, I think it was $1.75 a day, $1.80 when I finished, a day you couldn’t buy a whole lot. And yet, in those days it was good, you were well off. Your clothes were supplied, your food was supplied, so you had that money.

Ms. Brown speaks about the fun while serving in the air force; the canteen facilities for the men and women of the mess and how little money they had to spend for the fun that they made.

Celia Brown

Celia Brown was born December 30, 1920 in Sussex, New Brunswick. Her motivation to join the Air Force was inspired at a young age by the fascination of wanting to fly. After joining up in New Brunswick, Ms. Brown travelled to Toronto for training and later performed much of her In-Canada service in Dofton, Manitoba serving in the Clerk Administration field holding rank of Corporal. Today Ms. Brown is very active with the Women’s Division of the Royal Canadian Air Force where she advocates for their recognition and contribution made by the Women who served with the Canadian military. On November 12, 1945, after 4 years service, Ms. Brown discharged from the Air Force.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Celia Brown
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Second World War
Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force Women's Division

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