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A Typical Day

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Typical day there would be everybody in the company had a task. People would man traffic control points all day within our routes just to keep them secure for us. We would go to the airport everyday and sit there and wait and right across the road from the airport there’d be a town that was still under siege, fighting back and forth like across the streets at each other. Buildings would be burning all day long. We’d always pass that, it was on CNN a lot, the burning hotel we called Rainbow Hotel that was always, in that area just outside the airport was always under siege. And we would drive our, we’d take convoys, a platoon would go here, there, all to the different distribution points and nine times out of ten you were getting small arms fire around ya going down the road, depending where you were, how close the two sides were at each other fighting. And that was a normal daily event and then at night you got in a night routine in the camp and making sure all your overhead protection was good to go, you know we spent a lot of time building bunkers and that which were good cause we used them every night. Guys would be running out, you kind of slept with your, instead of getting right comfortable you kind of slept with your stuff very accessible. Like, you’d be in your combat pants and a t-shirt just waiting to run cause every night it happened.

Mr. Wadman tells of his daily routine and events as a peacekeeper in the devastated city of Sarajevo.

Ed Wadman

Mr. Wadman was born January 5, 1967 in Cold Lake, Alberta. His father served in the air force so growing up in a military family was a big part of Mr. Wadman’s childhood. Unlike his father, Mr. Wadman decided to join the army realizing the security in life it could bring. Mr. Wadman that he was posted to Germany in 1988. He was than sent to Sarajevo for a six-month tour. As a member of 3RCR November Company Group, Operation Harmony, holding rank of Corporal, Mr. Wadman was awarded The Commander-In-Chief unit commendation award for his unique service within the besieged city of Sarajevo. Mr. Wadman’s military career also involved tours including Kuwait, Bosnia and Africa. After his retirement from the military, Mr. Wadman began teaching driving courses to military personnel.

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