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Road Move to Sarajevo

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Road Move to Sarajevo

The road move to Sarajevo it was, was it three days of driving and these vehicles only go like at the fastest 60 kilometres an hour if that. And they weren’t, it was the whole brigade going so it was quite a slow process and it was just, where you’d see guys sleeping we looked like a gypsy caravans because we had to take all our kit and guys were sleeping out on mounds of kit bags and stuff like that. And then as we got closer into Sarajevo, we were driving down this one road and literally they said only one man up on the back and you got out and it would be like driving down a 2-lane highway and in the ditch on one side weapons were pointing right across at the others and all of a sudden you’re the one that has to stand up, it’s quite a ... and then when we actually hit Sarajevo, it was dusk and they had said on the radio be careful when you get out and the whole runway and tarmac was full of old casings, artillery casings. 105 round casings and they’re about like that, and they’re brass. And it was literally you got out you had to really watch it because you couldn’t see the runway that’s how much there was, like they must have taken off. It was just, it was unbelievable and I say I hate to see the areas where this is all gone to because I never seen so much brass in my life.

Mr. Wadman describes his unit’s road move into the besieged city of Sarajevo and his first impressions as they travelled towards the city.

Ed Wadman

Mr. Wadman was born January 5, 1967 in Cold Lake, Alberta. His father served in the air force so growing up in a military family was a big part of Mr. Wadman’s childhood. Unlike his father, Mr. Wadman decided to join the army realizing the security in life it could bring. Mr. Wadman that he was posted to Germany in 1988. He was than sent to Sarajevo for a six-month tour. As a member of 3RCR November Company Group, Operation Harmony, holding rank of Corporal, Mr. Wadman was awarded The Commander-In-Chief unit commendation award for his unique service within the besieged city of Sarajevo. Mr. Wadman’s military career also involved tours including Kuwait, Bosnia and Africa. After his retirement from the military, Mr. Wadman began teaching driving courses to military personnel.

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