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Value of Humanitarian Aid

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Value of Humanitarian Aid

The humanitarian aid was good. It was. I know the food was getting to people. Now if it was enough, I don’t know, but planes were coming in non stop all during the day until last light. All the Hercs were coming from the different countries loaded and as they couldn’t get them out faster and loaded onto the trucks and we were escorting the trucks down. That was really good. That was, we got the airport open and we started getting food to the, to the locals. Which was really good because they were, their markets were destroyed, their food. They really didn’t have a lot and you could tell cause they were never outside to go shopping as we would be on a Saturday or a Sunday or to go to a market. It was deserted because of the fighting going on. As soon as you’d step out...boom, but once we started rolling in. It didn’t stop the fighting, but it actually cut back quite a bit Like we noticed after a couple of days of doing it how it decreased. They realized that we were there to help.

Mr. Wadman expresses his positive opinion and feeling on providing food and humanitarian aid to the locals realizing the value of the UN presence.

Ed Wadman

Mr. Wadman was born January 5, 1967 in Cold Lake, Alberta. His father served in the air force so growing up in a military family was a big part of Mr. Wadman’s childhood. Unlike his father, Mr. Wadman decided to join the army realizing the security in life it could bring. Mr. Wadman that he was posted to Germany in 1988. He was than sent to Sarajevo for a six-month tour. As a member of 3RCR November Company Group, Operation Harmony, holding rank of Corporal, Mr. Wadman was awarded The Commander-In-Chief unit commendation award for his unique service within the besieged city of Sarajevo. Mr. Wadman’s military career also involved tours including Kuwait, Bosnia and Africa. After his retirement from the military, Mr. Wadman began teaching driving courses to military personnel.

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