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I was in camp, but I had a leave and the next morning I took the train up to London, and this is really something. I went in to London, I went up to London and went into the Caribou Club and a big bunch of them around there and a bunch just coming out and I looked behind them there and a little guy there, my brother. Didn’t even know he was overseas because I didn’t keep in touch. I couldn’t believe it and they were just back from Germany two days before, Germany. “What are you doing here?” “Well, hi Leo, long time no see.” I said, “Yeah, come on, let’s go.” I won’t tell you where we went, but you can guess. And we had about four days, man, it was just great and I didn’t even know he was, I knew that he joined the militia but I wasn’t sure which, and here he was just back from, I never.

While on leave in London Mr. Bishop explains that you never know who you may run into.

Leo Bishop

Leo Bishop was born in St Joseph, Newfoundland on September 9,1819. His parents died when he was seven years old. After Mr. Bishop was turned down for the navy he worked about a week at forestry when he was sent to Padgate for training. Later he became involved with Search and Rescue where he served most of his career.

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Leo Bishop
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Second World War
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