One Day in Egypt

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We see this big, a limousine coming down. You know, looking who’s this you know. Flag flying in front so we knew that it was big shots. Who steps out of the limousine, Monty, General Montgomery. And we said, “Oh sorry sir, but we’ll get on to, get on the officer you know, tell him you’re here.” "No way, I didn’t come down to see him. I came down to see you guys. I can see him any day!” You know he was just across there and pointing at Sicily. He said, “We’re going to be moving in there one of these days, in the near, not very far off. What I want to know are you with me?” “Of course”, I said, so one of the boys he started joking you know and that, and Monty always had a lot of badges in his cap. He was well known for that. So one of the boys said, “Sir, any chance getting one of those badges for my lady friend?” “Funny”, he said, “you should say that”, he said, “I’ve been a lot of places, lot of cities, lot of towns, lot of camps, I met a lot of nice ladies, what chance do you think you got?” And a few months from that he went in to Sicily, about two or three days they invaded Sicily and went all the way up through.

Mr Bishop talks about one day being met by a limousine in Egypt.

Leo Bishop

Leo Bishop was born in St Joseph, Newfoundland on September 9,1819. His parents died when he was seven years old. After Mr. Bishop was turned down for the navy he worked about a week at forestry when he was sent to Padgate for training. Later he became involved with Search and Rescue where he served most of his career.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
April 14, 2011
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Leo Bishop
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Second World War
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