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An awful lot of sand, flies, sun, hot. We had big pit helmets, they used to call them, come right down over your shoulder to save the back of your neck. That’s to keep the sun off your neck. And we went to a big camp, we were issued the first thing in the morning after breakfast, we lined up and we had one canteen of water for the day. You wouldn’t believe it, there would be a guy, believe it or not and he shaved and he had a bath with the one thing of water. So it can be done, and that’s the way we used to do it. And other than what you had in the mess but that’s how much water you were allowed and there was a man guard on the water tanks so as you come out from breakfast you filled up your canteen and that’s what you done all day.

Mr. Bishop gives us a sense of what the conditions were like in Egypt.

Leo Bishop

Leo Bishop was born in St Joseph, Newfoundland on September 9,1819. His parents died when he was seven years old. After Mr. Bishop was turned down for the navy he worked about a week at forestry when he was sent to Padgate for training. Later he became involved with Search and Rescue where he served most of his career.

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April 14, 2011
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Leo Bishop
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