Manage your CAF healthcare benefits

Are you receiving health benefits from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for a service related injury? If so, you may also qualify for coverage for those benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) after you release from service.

About this program

Medavie Blue Cross is the contracted provider for payment of health benefits provided by Veterans Affairs Canada. To help you prior to your military release from service, Medavie Blue Cross provides an “alignment of healthcare benefits” review service for any releasing CAF member currently receiving CAF health services. This is done to help you avoid directly paying for these health services after you leave service.

If you are within six months of your anticipated release date, you can request a review of your CAF treatment benefits to find out what portion of those benefits would be covered by VAC once you release from military service. The objective of this service is to be simple and help you avoid any added paperwork.

Do you qualify?

If you are currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, you can qualify for a review of your healthcare benefits, if you:

  • are within six months of your planned release date, and;
  • have received a VAC disability benefit for any service‑related health problem.

How to apply

There is no application form to request a review of the alignment of your treatment benefits from CAF health services to VAC.

To request this review, login through the Medavie Blue Cross portal – – or call Medavie Blue Cross at 1-833-494-0661.

Medavie Blue Cross will need to know your:

  • VAC file (K) number
  • CAF member (M) number
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone and email contact info
  • Planned release date
  • List of health related treatments and services you are currently receiving (for example, physiotherapy, mobility aids, eyewear, etc.)

Note: You will not need to submit your prescription drug information as this is already on your Medavie Blue Cross file.

Additional information

Medavie Blue Cross will review the information you provide. They will then identify which benefits can continue to be covered based on your VAC disability benefit.

If you do not have a VAC disability benefit, the staff in a CAF transition centre can help you apply for this program and other related programs, such as Rehabilitation services.

Results of the Medavie Blue Cross review will be sent to you via letter. If you have questions about the results of your review, please contact your nearest Transition Centre.

The transition process

All service members should visit a transition centre as soon as they begin to consider releasing from service. The VAC and CAF staff at a transition centre can help you go over all of your options – whether that’s a decision to remain in the military or a decision to release from service. If you are in receipt of health services that would need to continue after your release, it is even more urgent to visit a transition centre. If VAC is not notified as early as possible about your release, some or all of your health services coverage could end. As a result, you would become financially responsible for those services. Learn more about the transition process.

Related programs

Disability Benefits – Compensation for your service-related injury or illness.

Transition Interview – meet with a VAC employee to identify any needs you may have before your release from service.

Treatment Benefits – Coverage for medical and health related services.

Rehabilitation services – Treatment and therapies to overcome or cope with a service-related illness or injury.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a VAC disability benefit to continue my current health services after I leave service?

Your health services can continue, but coverage for them would cease. You would then be solely responsible for these costs. The VAC disability benefit includes access to treatment benefits, such as the ones you are currently receiving from CAF health services. Without that benefit, VAC cannot provide health coverage to you.

I already requested a review, but I am now receiving a new healthcare benefit since that review, what do I do?

If you receive any new CAF healthcare benefits between your review and your release date, login to the Medavie portal or call Medavie to request another review.

View all FAQs about managing your CAF healthcare benefits.