Transition interview

Helping you transition from military to civilian life smoothly is our priority. Our client service teams are available in our offices across the country to help you identify needs you and your family may have. The client service team will assist you in meeting those needs early in the release process. This personalized approach ensures that you have the support you need to access services and benefits designed to help you and your family as you prepare to leave the military.

Case managers and client service agents are part of a team that is supported by a doctor, a nurse, a pension officer, as well as experts in mental health and rehabilitation. We work closely with the Canadian Forces prior to your release to help you and your family transition to civilian life.

The first step in helping you get ready to leave the military is our transition interview. All releasing Canadian Forces members, Regular and Reserve Force, are entitled to a transition interview. We encourage family members to attend whenever possible. We recommend that you have a transition interview early in your release process to help you and your family identify any needs you may have ahead of time.

During a transition interview, we will be able to provide information on programs and services available to you and your family including:

  • support in determining your rehabilitation needs;
  • advice and guidance on disability applications;
  • referrals to a Canadian Forces Case Manager and other Department of National Defence programs, as needed; and
  • referrals to other community service providers you may need.

Where do I find my local Transition Services office?

We have Transition Centres (TC) on most bases and wings across the country. Contact us today to schedule a transition interview at an office near to you.

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