Veterans Bill of Rights - Brochure

Our Mission

To provide exemplary, client-centred services and benefits that respond to the needs of Veterans, our other clients and their families, in recognition of their services to Canada; and to keep the memory of their achievements and sacrifices alive for all Canadians.

Our Clients

The Veterans Bill of Rights applies to all clients of Veterans Affairs. They include:

  • Veterans with war service
  • Veterans and serving members of the Canadian Forces (Regular and Reserve)
  • Members and former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Spouses, common-law partners, survivors and primary caregivers
  • Other eligible dependents and family members
  • Other eligible clients

Veterans Bill of Rights

The Veterans Bill of Rights explains your right to:

Be treated with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy. We will listen carefully to what you have to say and be fair and polite.

Take part in discussions that involve you and your family. We will talk with you to learn about your needs. Your family and your community are important to you and your well-being. We will keep this in mind when making decisions that involve you.

Have someone with you for support when you deal with Veterans Affairs. You can choose to have a family member, friend or other trusted person with you for support when you visit our offices or when we visit you.

Receive clear, easy-to-understand information about our programs and services, in English or French, as set out in the Official Languages Act. We will give you information that is clear, easy to understand and in the language of your choice, whenever we write to you, talk to you, or visit with you.

Have your privacy protected as set out in the Privacy Act. Information we have about you will be kept private as set out by the rules in the Privacy Act.

Receive benefits and services as set out in our published service standards and to know your appeal rights. We have put our service standards in writing. We will provide services and benefits to you in the time set out by these standards. We will let you know your appeal options, and how to get help with an appeal, at the same time that we give you our decision about a service or benefit.

Your Responsibilities

You can help us if you:

  • Provide us with correct, complete and up-to-date information.
  • Tell us as soon as possible of any important changes in your information, e.g. change in income and assets, change of address, change of marital status.
  • Keep others informed of any changes in your information, if you are dealing through a third party.
  • Treat our staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Understand that our decisions are based on the rules we must follow.


You have the right to make a complaint and have the matter looked into if you feel that any of your rights have not been upheld.

How to Contact Us

All questions or comments may be directed to the following toll-free numbers:
1-866-522-2122 (English)
1-866-522-2022 (French)

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