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10-year strategic plan for commemoration

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10-year strategic plan for commemoration

The future of remembrance and recognition in Canada

Our vision

Canadians understand and appreciate the contributions and sacrifices made by those in uniform. All Veterans and family members feel recognized.

Guiding principles

  • Honour the service, sacrifice and achievements of all who served Canada
  • Bring remembrance to all Canadians
  • Challenge youth to remember

Our approach

We will expand the focus of our commemorative programming. Highlight Canadian contributions in a different region of the world each year.

Veteran well-being

Research shows that Veteran well-being improves when they feel recognized. Veterans are key players in designing how we recognize their service. We will help Canadians learn about and honour the contributions of those who have served.

Canadian armed forces around the world

To tell the full story of Canada’s military history, we will:

  • Highlight the diversity of Canada’s military experience, roles and missions
  • Continue to commemorate the First World War, the Second World War and the Korean War
  • Help Canadians understand the service and sacrifice of all who served
  • Ensure that all who have served feel recognized
  • Inspire Canadians to remember, honour and learn, with special attention to youth, Indigenous people and new Canadians


Repeated every five years

  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • Asia (Afghanistan)
  • Africa
  • Americas

Our path

  1. Help Canadians understand how those who served our country helped advance peace and security around the world
    • Redesign our learning and event plans with a focus on Canadian Armed Forces around world
    • Expand/enhance our digital technology to engage more Canadians
  2. Inspire Canadians to actively recognize the service and sacrifice of all who have served our country in uniform
    • Focus on innovative events and programming in Canada
    • Support community-led initiatives
    • Encourage youth involvement
  3. Preserve memorials, Books of Remembrance and grave markers in a sustainable dignified way
    • Maintain, protect and present Canada’s memorials
    • Maintain and preserve Veteran graves and those of Canadian war dead
  4. Align and clarify roles, responsibilities and resources to better serve Canadians
    • Streamline our programs and processes
    • Align the resources necessary to deliver on commemorative mandate

Our next steps

We are continuing to:

  • Engage Veterans and other stakeholders in program design.
  • Strengthen relationships with our partners and strike new partnerships.
  • Try new approaches to commemoration and recognition, and refine as we go.
  • Inspire and support others in their commemorative and recognition efforts.
  • Protect the commemorative integrity of our memorials and create meaningful visitor experiences.

In the next one to three years

  • Continue doing what is working well:
    • develop engaging learning resources for use by educators
    • work with partners to commemorate important military milestones
    • preserve and maintain our 14 memorials overseas
  • Reach out to Veterans, educators, and organizations to understand their priorities
  • Research to help us develop new ways to engage Canadians of all ages and cultures
  • Develop our Canadian Armed Forces around the world story and programming
  • Complete the National Monument to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan
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