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Death and bereavement

Death benefits, independence and counselling.

Case management

One-on-one support to help with a significant challenge in your life.

Death benefit

A lump-sum payment to recognize the impact that a CAF member's service-related death has on the immediate family.

Funeral and burial assistance

Income-tested financial assistance when Veterans meet certain military criteria.

Survivor's pension

A monthly payment to the surviving spouse or common-law partner of a disability pensioner.

Income Replacement Benefit for survivors and children

A monthly payment for eligible survivors and orphans of a deceased CAF member or Veteran.

Talk to a professional now

Get support right now from a mental health professional by calling 1-800-268-7708.

Educational assistance for children

Post-secondary financial assistance for children of a deceased Veteran or CAF member.

Canadian Forces Income Support for survivors

A tax-free monthly benefit to help low-income survivors and dependent children.

Speak to a chaplain

Spiritual support when Veterans or their families are dealing with end of life issues or bereavement.

Additional information

Grave marker maintenance

Ensures proper care of all graves that were provided and installed by the Government of Canada.

Notify the federal government of a death

Steps to notify the federal government of Canada of a death.

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