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Military sexual trauma

Where can I get help?

Sexual Misconduct Response Centre

If you experienced sexual misconduct during your military service, the Sexual Misconduct Response Centre can provide confidential support, information on options and resources, and personalized referrals. You can also receive ongoing support and assistance through the Response and Support Coordination program.

Call 1-844-750-1648 anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

VAC Assistance Service

You can speak to a professional right now by calling the VAC Assistance Service at 1-800-268-7708. This service is a 24 hour toll free help line for military and RCMP Veterans, and their families. This service provides immediate short-term mental health counseling with a professional, along with referral services, including support for mental and emotional health concerns.

Peer support

The Military Sexual Trauma Togetherall discussion forum is an anonymous, secure platform that connects people who have experienced military sexual misconduct. It also provides resources to assist with healing and recovery (e.g. articles, courses, goal-setting tools and more).

More information on digital and in-person peer support services will be coming soon. Follow us on social media, check out Salute! or visit this page for the latest information.

Applying for VAC benefits

Veterans or members who have a condition due to military sexual trauma, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and/or physical conditions, are encouraged to apply to VAC for disability benefits and/or rehabilitation services. Veterans or members may apply for any condition linked to military sexual trauma with supporting medical information from his or her treating physician or psychologist. A link between the medical condition and military sexual trauma must be present.

VAC has updated its approach and policies for determining claims for Veterans and CAF members applying for benefits involving an injury, illness or other medical condition resulting from military sexual trauma. You may be able to apply to VAC for departmental review or request reconsideration even if you have been denied VAC benefits for past claims arising from military sexual trauma.

Find out how to review or appeal a previous decision.

Updated policies

You can see the three updated policies here:

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