A Purrr-fect Idea

Monument to Canadian Fallen in Ottawa.
Photo: National Capital Commission

Purrr. I love plants . . . especially catnip! But I sure like flowers, too. Did you know that some countries even have national flowers? For example, South Korea has the rose of Sharon. Between 1950 and 1953, more than 26,000 Canadians served far from home during the Korean War. It was a hard fight but they helped restore peace and freedom there, just like Canadians have helped many others during conflicts and peace operations over the years right up to today in Afghanistan.

In South Korea there is a unique memorial to the 516 Canadians who died in service during the Korean War. A replica also stands in Ottawa. It includes a statue of a young Korean boy holding a bouquet of maple leaves and roses of Sharon, representing the friendship between South Korea and Canada.

Simone the Cat

We should definitely have some of those flowers in our Remembrance Garden. But this story gives me another idea . . . if you designed your own monument to the brave Canadians who have served, what would it look like? Would it also include flowers and plants?

Elephants never forget!
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