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William Peter McLeod

In memory of:

Flying Officer William Peter McLeod

June 6, 1945

Military Service

Service Number:





Air Force


Royal Canadian Air Force


357 (R.A.F.) Sqdn

Additional Information


November 1, 1917

Commemorated on Page 544 of the Second World War Book of Remembrance. Request a copy of this page.

Burial Information



Grave Reference:

Column 456.


In the Far East at Singapore, the SINGAPORE MEMORIAL bears, on its columns, the names of over 24,000 soldiers and airmen of the British Commonwealth and Empire who have no known grave. The airmen whose names are inscribed on the Memorial died during operations over the whole of southern and eastern Asia and the surrounding seas and oceans. The SINGAPORE MEMORIAL stands in Kranji War Cemetery. The central avenue of the Cemetery rises gently from the Stone of Remembrance near the entrance, to the Cross of Sacrifice beyond which flights of steps lead to a terrace on top of a hill, on which the Memorial stands. Twelve wide columns bear the name panels and support a flat roof, which gives protection to the inscribed names and shade and shelter to the visitor. Rising through the roof in the centre, to a height of 24 metres, is a great pylon surmounted by a star. On a curved panel at the foot of this pylon are inscribed in English these words:
1939 - 1945 On the walls of this memorial are recorded the names of twenty-four thousand soldiers and airmen of many races united in service to the British Crown who gave their lives in Malaya and neighbouring lands and seas in the air over Southern and Eastern Asia and the Pacific but to whom the fortune of war denied the customary rites accorded to their comrades in death. Kranji War Cemetery is 22 kilometres north of the city of Singapore, on the north side of Singapore Island overlooking the Straits of Johore. It is just off the Singapore-Johore road (Woodlands road) at milestone 13 1/2 and there is a short approach road from the main road. The Cemetery is known locally as Kranji Memorial.

Information courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

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  • Photo of William Peter McLeod
  • Group Photo– Members of two RCAF Liberator crews preparing for a shooting expedition in Ceylon in late May or early June 1945.  Of the eight RCAF crewmen of Liberator KH326 who failed to return from an RAF 357 Squadron Special Duties operation on 6 June 1945 (supply drop to Force 136 operatives behind Japanese lines), three are seen here:

J/12779 Flight Lieutenant Arie Frank TIMMERMANS:  Captain of the aircraft (pilot).  Age 28, son of Frank Joseph and Maude Gladys Timmermans of Blind River, Ontario; husband of Mary Constance Timmermans (nee Galashan), of Burlington, Ontario.  He is the tall blonde standing & facing the camera. 

J/47871 Flying Officer William Peter MCLEOD:  Wireless Op/Air Gunner.  Age 23, from Claresholm, Alberta.  He is standing to the left of Timmermans, looking to the right and wearing an officer’s cap.

J/47869 Flying Officer George FAULKNER:  Wireless Op/Air Gunner.  Age 22, from Victoria, British Columbia.  Looking down at a pistol in his hands, he is standing to the right of Timmermans.

Sitting in the cab of the truck, with sunglasses is RCAF C.1490 S/Ldr O.A.H. “Haig” SIMS, pilot & Commanding Officer of the 357 Sqn detachment sent to Ceylon in late May ’45. 

In 1955, during the Malayan Emergency, the wreck of the Timmermans crew’s Liberator, KH326, was discovered in deep, rugged jungle by the Royal Scots Fusiliers while on a war patrol in search of Communist guerrillas.  Although no human remains were found in a brief search, most of the supplies from 1945 were still intact in drop containers within the fuselage or scattered nearby, undisturbed since 6 June 1945.  After a clearing was prepared by the Fusiliers, Royal Navy helicopters were used to remove many guns, ammo, and other supplies, to prevent them falling into the hands of the Communists after the patrol moved on.  In 2010 the wreckage was finally rediscovered.
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