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Timothy James Nicholson

In memory of:

Special Constable Timothy James Nicholson

August 15, 2000

Teslin Lake, British Columbia

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Service Number:





'K' (AB) 'D' & 'HQ'

Additional Information


July 29, 1952
Halifax, Nova Scotia


April 1, 1992

S/Cst. Nicholson was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Prior to joining the Force, S/Cst. Nicholson had served two tours of duty in Vietnam with the United States Navy aboard an aircraft carrier. When he engaged with the Force, he served as the Air West Relief Crew working out of Edmonton, Alberta. He then was transferred to Thompson Air Section in Manitoba and then to Ottawa Air Services Overhaul Section. S/Cst. Nicholson was a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer and was assisting with relief work for the Air Section. On the day of his death, he was a passenger in a plane piloted by Sgt. Mobley. The airplane had dropped off Emergency Response members for a bush-training exercise. Shortly after the airplane took off, it stalled and plunged into the lake.

Commemorated on Page 217 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Honour Roll Book.

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  • Special Constable Timothy James Nicholson

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