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Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial

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Municipality/Province: Quinte West, ON

Memorial Number: 35090-121

Type: Monument - granite

Address: 327 Dundas Street East

Location: Bain Park

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 44.1039764   Long: 77.5483523

Submitted By: Victoria Edwards. City of Quinte West.

Photo Credit: Tim Laye, Ontario War Memorials

The Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial was paid for by donations through the Give to Honour Those Who Gave campaign and unveiled on November 10, 2012. It features two large granite maple leaves. The red maple leaf is inscribed with the Canadian Forces emblem and provincial shields. The black maple leaf is inscribed with the names of the 158 soldiers who have died in Afghanistan. A granite silhouette of a soldier stands in front. The maple leaves are flanked by two Canadian flags and two granite benches.

It was created by Campbell Monument Company and the granite pieces were made from Indian Red and Jet Black which were quarried and shaped in India.

The memorial is close to 8 Wing/CFB Trenton where repatriation ceremonies were held for those who died on the mission and its location marks the beginning of the Highway of Heroes – the path that extends from Quinte West to Toronto.

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Inscription found on memorial

[red maple leaf/feuille d’érable rouge]

[black maple leaf/feuille d’érable noire]
Memory of
the Brave Members
of the Canadian Forces
Who Lost Their
Lives in the
Afghanistan Conflict

  • (column 1/colonne 1)
  • Cpl Ainsworth Dyer
  • Pte Richard A. Green
  • Sgt Marc d. Leger
  • Pte Nathan L. Smith
  • Cpl Robbie C. Beerenfenger
  • Sgt Robert A Short
  • Cpl Jamie B. Murphy
  • Pte Braun S. Woodfield
  • Cpl Paul J. Davis
  • MCpl Timothy J. Wilson
  • Pte Robert H. Costall
  • Cpl Matthew D.J. Dinning
  • Cpl Myles S.J. Mansell
  • Cpl Randy J. Payne
  • Lt William M. Turner
  • Capt Nichola K.S. Goddard
  • Cpl Anthony J. Boneca
  • Cpl Francisco O. Gomez
  • Cpl Jason P. Warren
  • (column 2/colonne 2)
  • Pte Kevin Y.R. Dallaire
  • Sgt Vaughan Ingram
  • Cpl Bryce J. Keller
  • Cpl Christopher J. Reid
  • MCpl Raymond F. Arndt
  • MCpl Jeffrey S. Walsh
  • Cpl Andrew J. Eykelenboom
  • Cpl David R.W. Braun
  • Pte William J.J. Cushley
  • WO Frank R. Mellish
  • WO Richard F. Nolan
  • Sgt Shane H. Stachnik
  • Pte Mark A. Graham
  • Cpl Glen H. Arnold
  • Pte David R.J. Byers
  • Cpl Shane P. Keating
  • Cpl Keith I. Morley
  • Pte Joshua J. Klukie
  • Sgt Craig P. Gillam
  • Cpl Robert T.J. Mitchell
  • Pte Mark A. Wilson
  • Sgt Darcy S. Tedford
  • Pte Blake N. Williamson
  • CWO Robert M.J. Girouard
  • Cpl Albert H. Storm
  • Cpl Ronald K. Megeney
  • Pte David R. Greenslade
  • Pte Kevin V. Kennedy
  • Sgt Donald J. Lucas
  • Cpl Brent D. Poland
  • (column 3/colonne 3)
  • MCpl Christopher P. Stannix
  • Cpl Aaron E. Williams
  • Pte Patrick J. Pentland
  • MCpl Allan M.J. Stewart
  • MCpl Anthony M. Klumpenhouwer
  • Cpl Matthew J. McCully
  • MCpl Darrell J. Priede
  • Pte Darryl J. Caswell
  • Cpl Stephen F. Bouzane
  • Sgt Christos Karigiannis
  • Pte Joel V. Wiebe
  • Cpl Jordan J. Anderson
  • Cpl Cole D. Bartsch
  • MCpl Colin S.F. Bason
  • Capt Matthew J. Dawe
  • Capt Jefferson C. Francis
  • Pte Lane W.T. Watkins
  • Pte Simon M.S. Longtin
  • MCpl Christian J.T.A. Duchesne
  • MWO Mario M.C. Mercier
  • Maj Raymond M. Ruckpaul
  • Cpl Nathan Hornburg
  • Cpl Nicholas R. Beauchamp
  • Pte Michel R. Lévesque
  • Pte Jonathan J.J. Dion
  • Cpl Éric Labbé
  • WO Hani Massouh
  • Cpl Richard Renaud
  • Cpl Étienne Gonthier
  • Pte Michael Y. Hayakaze
  • (column 4/colonne 4)
  • Cpl Jérémie Ouellet
  • Sgt Jason J. Boyes
  • Pte Terry J. Street
  • Cpl Michael G. Starker
  • Capt Richard S. Leary
  • Capt Jonathan S. Snyder
  • Cpl Brendan A. Downey
  • Pte Colin W. Wilmot
  • Cpl James H. Arnal
  • MCpl Joshua B. Roberts
  • MCpl Erin M. Doyle
  • Sgt Shawn A. Eades
  • Pte Stephan J. Stock
  • Cpl Dustin R.R.J. Wasden
  • Cpl Andrew P. Grenon
  • Pte Chadwick J. Horn
  • Cpl Michael J.A. Seggie
  • Sgt Prescott Shipway
  • Pte Demetrios Diplaros
  • Cpl Mark R. McLaren
  • WO Robert J. Wilson
  • Pte John M.R. Curwin
  • Cpl Thomas J. Hamilton
  • Pte Justin P. Jones
  • Pte Michael B. Freeman
  • Sgt Gregory J. Kruse
  • WO Gaetan Roberge
  • Pte Brian R. Good
  • Pte Sean D. Greenfield
  • WO Dennis R. Brown
  • (column 5/colonne 5)
  • Cpl Joseph D.O. Fortin
  • Cpl Kenneth C. O’Quinn
  • Pte Marc H. Diab
  • Pte Jack Bouthillier
  • Cpl Tyler Crooks
  • Pte Corey J. Hayes
  • MCpl Scott F. Vernelli
  • Cpl Karine M.N. Blais
  • Maj Michelle L. Mendes
  • Pte Alexandre Peloquin
  • Cpl Joseph R.M. Dube
  • Cpl Nicholas A. Bulger
  • MCpl Charles-Philippe Michaud
  • MCpl Patrice Y. Audet
  • Cpl Martin Joannette
  • Pte Sebastien J.G.O. Courcy
  • Pte Matthieu J.P.G. Allard
  • Cpl Christian Bobbitt
  • Cpl Jean-Francois Drouin
  • Maj Joseph Y.F.S Pepin
  • Cpl Patrick J. Lormand
  • Cpl Jonathan J.S. Couturier
  • Lt Justin Boyes
  • Pte Steven H. Marshall
  • Lt. Andrew R. Nuttall
  • Pte Garrett W. Chidley
  • Cpl Zachery W. McCormack
  • Sgt George R. Moik
  • Sgt Kirk G. Taylor
  • Sgt John W. Faught
  • (column 6/colonne 6)
  • Capt Francis C. Paul
  • Cpl Joshua C. Baker
  • Cpl Darren J. Fitzpatrick
  • Pte Tyler W. Todd
  • PO2 Douglas C. Blake
  • Pte Kevin T. McKay
  • Col Geoffrey S. Parker
  • Pte Larry J. Rudd
  • Sgt Martin R. Goudreault
  • Sgt James P. MacNeil
  • MCpl Kristal L.-A. Giesenbrecht
  • Pte Andrew C.A. Miller
  • Pte Brian J. Collier
  • Cpl Brian N.C. Pinksen
  • Cpl Steve J.L. Martin
  • Cpl Yannick Scherrer
  • Cpl Karl Manning
  • MCpl Francis R. Roy
  • MCpl Byron G. Greff

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