Buffalo Park

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Municipality/Province: Calgary, AB

Memorial Number: 48008-022

Type: Park and cairn

Address: Surrounded by Dallaire Ave SW, Forand St SW, Mclean Ave SW, and Joseph Marquis Cres SW

Location: Buffalo Park

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 51.00303   Long: -114.1218

Contributor: Alfred Zangao

Buffalo Park, located in Calgary, Alberta, is named in honour of the nine Canadian Forces members killed in a Buffalo aircraft over Syria in 1974. The 1.3 acre park consists of an actual Buffalo propeller as an integral part of the monument, a commemorative plaque, a tot lot and an open play space.

In late 1973 the Canadian Forces began taking part in United Nations Emergency Force II (UNEF II), an operation tasked to supervise the deployment of Israeli and Egyptian forces in the area. Included in Canada's commitment to the mission were two Canadian Forces Buffalo aircraft and crew. The unit was stationed in Ismailia, Egypt, a small city next to the Suez Canal.

On August 9, 1974, Buffalo aircraft 115461 was shot down by the Syrian Armed Forces while on a routine flight to Syria from Ismailia. All of the crew and passengers, totalling nine, were killed in the crash.

In all the years of service on international peacekeeping duties, August 9, 1974, was the greatest single-day loss of Canadian Forces members.

For this reason, the 9th of August has been declared National Peacekeepers' Day in Canada.

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