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De Niverville Private

Municipality/Province: Ottawa, ON

Memorial number: 35060-018

Type: Street; street sign

Address: De Niverville Private

GPS coordinates: Lat: 45.3376175   Long: -75.673969

Submitted by: Richard Turcotte

Photo credit: Richard Turcotte

De Niverville Private is dedicated to Air Vice Marshal Joseph Lionel Alphege Albert De Niverville, CB.

Albert De Niverville was born in August 1897 in Montreal. Educated in Ottawa, he joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1917 and flew until the end of the First World War. Following the war, he was a Pilot Officer in the Canadian Air Force Reserve, working with the Air Board until March 1924, at which time he was appointed to the newly-formed Permanent RCAF on April 1, 1924.

He served as a Flying instructor at Camp Borden until September 1927 and was then transferred to AFHG as Staff Officer Training until April, 1931. De Niverville returned to instructing at Station Vancouver where he instructed on sea planes and flying boats, transferring to Station Rockcliffe in 1932. He completed RAF Staff College in 1933 and returned to AFHQ from January, 1934 to February, 1936, followed by an appointment as Air Staff Officer for Military District No. 4 (Montreal) until February, 1939.

At the outbreak of the Second World War, he returned to AFHQ then became CO of No. 2 Service Flying Training School in August, 1941 before being appointed Air Officer Commanding No. 3 Training Command, from October, 1941, to November, 1943. He was later appointed Air Member for Training at Air Force Headquarters. Following the Second World War, he joined the Department of Transportation, retiring in November, 1964.

Inscription found on memorial


privé De Niverville Pvt.

Street view


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