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Canada Company LAV III Monument

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  • LAV III COMMITTEE - Bob McNevin, Bill Drummond, Dianne Kuhn, Gerry Clayton, Heather Underschute, Dennis Hawkins, Al Harvey, Alan Taranowski, AJ Taranowski, Mike O`Mahoney, Rob Kuhn - Afghan Vet, Richard McNevin - Afghan Vet
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  • Rob Kuhn and Richard McNevin - Afghanistan Veterans
  • LAV III Monument at dusk

Municipality/Province: Airdrie, AB

Memorial Number: 48025-071


Address: 1701 Main Street S T4B-1C5

Location: Nose Creek Valley Museum

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 51.2778748258134   Long: -114.01381072935149

Submitted By: Robert (Bob) McNevin

The Airdrie LAV III monument commermorates those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. It recognizes all the men and woman whose lives have been changed forever by their dedicated service, both to there country and to many other places arond the world that they have been deployed to as part of there service. The Royal Canadian Legion Airdrie, Branch 288 and its many sponsors, have combined there efforts to provide the citizens of Airdrie with and important monument that recognizes the service and the sacrafices made by our members of the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

In recognition and memory of the efforts approximatley 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces personnel who served and the 162 Canadians who died in the cause of bringing peace and freedom to the people of Afghanistan. 

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In recognition and memory of the efforts of approimately 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces personnel who served and the 162 Canadians who died in the cause of bringing peace and freedom to the people of Afghanistan.

Canada Company


En memoire et en reconnaissance des effforts des queique 40,000 members des Forces armees canadiennes qui ontservi en Afghanistan et des 162 Canadadiens qui sont morts pour la cause de la paix et de la liberte du peuple Afghan.

La Compagnie Canada


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