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Peacekeepers' and CAF Afghanistan LAV III Monument

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  • CAVUNP VP Bob George with CAVUP President Fern Teillefer
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  • Afghanistan LAV III Monument
  • The Collier Memorial Cross Family unveils the plaque commemorating the lost of 162 Canadians in Afghanistan
  • Wall of Honour

Municipality/Province: Angus, ON

Memorial Number: 35078-052

Type: Canada Company LAV III Monument

Address: 12 Commerce Road

Location: Peacekeepers' Park

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 44.3301077   Long: -79.8895528

Submitted By: Robert (Bob) George

The Park is dedicated to the 160,000+ Canadians who have served on United Nations (UN) sanctioned missions since 1947 and it memorializes the 283 fallen Canadians on its Wall of Honour. The Park also displays two white armoured vehicles, a Lynx recce tracked vehicle and now a LAV III, unveiled on August 9, 2017. The LAV III commemorates the CAF personnel who served in Afghanistan and other UN sanctioned missions. Visitors who stroll along the Park's pathway have the opportunity to read pedestals listing the 58 UN sanctioned missions, take a photo in a guard post, view both the Lynx and LAV III and pay tribute at the Wall of Honour.

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Inscription found on memorial

In recognition and memory of the efforts of approximately 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces personnel who served and the 162 Canadians who died in the cause of bringing peace and freedom to the people of Afghanistan.

Canada Company

En mémoire et en reconnaissance des efforts des quelque 40 000 membres des Forces armées canadiennes qui ont servi en Afghanistan et des 162 Canadiens qui sont morts pour la cause de la paix et de la liberté du peuple afghan.

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