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Monty Penney

Monty Penney served in Rwanda and the Balkans. He witnessed the horrors of those conflicts first hand.

Jonquière, Québec

Rwanda Balkans

Mr. Penney was born July 23, 1960. He is a retired Sergeant (PO2) who completed twenty years of military service in 2004. Mr. Penney served in Sarajevo as a Medic at the onset of the conflict in the Balkans and was awarded the Medal of Bravery for his heroic actions while in theatre. He is credited with saving the life of a child in the midst of a bombing. Mr. Penney now resides in Edmonton, Alberta, with his wife and children.

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Remember - HTML5 Transcript/Captions

Around mid July of the same year, I was in Sarajevo, for the

second time. This time I was looking out a window of the 5th

floor of the building I was working in and below I could observe

some kids receiving or accepting some foods from some of my

fellow colleagues, soldiers. The mortars started to rain

again, and they rained down on the children. I was witnessing

the mortar murders of hatred. The children below me were just

torn, ripped to pieces by the hot shrapnel. I would see these kids

again very soon. The stretchers I was working on, the boy had his

leg ripped off by shrapnel. The remaining leg of the other, the

other remaining leg I crudely removed, cause I couldn't control

the bleeding.......The point of telling these stories, or even

these true events I guess, is to remind you of the people that

have an important role in this crazy world. The Mitch's, the

Tracey's and the names of countless soldiers that are doing

their jobs in the name of peace. The sad part is, these soldiers

will never receive the respect or credit they justly do deserve.

They are actually the heroes to be remembered.

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