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Effective from: 1 July 2023

Attendance Allowance

Grade Amount
1 $2,127.90
2 $1,915.21
3 $1,276.79
4 $851.25
5 $340.58

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Caregiver Recognition Benefit

A monthly payment increased annually by the Consumer Price Index. The current payment is $1,154.90 per month.

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Veterans Independence Program

This PDF chart shows the maximum VIP amounts.

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Clothing Allowance

Grade Amount
1 $241.13
2 $192.86
3 $144.69
4 $96.41
5 $85.67
6 $69.64
7 $64.27
8 $53.53
9 $42.89
10 $26.73

The Clothing Allowance is provided if you are receiving a disability benefit for a condition that causes wear and tear on your clothing or requires you to wear specially-made clothing.

Pain and Suffering Compensation

Extent of disability (%) Monthly benefit Lump sum amount
5 $64.85 $21,100.09
20 $259.40 $84,400.38
40 $518.80 $168,800.75
60 $778.21 $253,201.13
80 $1,037.61 $337,601.50
100 $1,297.01 $422,001.88

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Income Replacement Benefit

This income replacement provides 90% of your gross pre-release military salary while you are participating in Rehabilitation services. This ensures a pre-tax income of at least $54,812.92 per year.

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Canadian Forces Income Support

Maximum per month
Veteran or Survivor Veteran with Spouse/Partner Additional amount for each dependent child Orphan
$1,952.97 $2,876.21 $417.53 $894.97

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War Veterans Allowance

Maximum per month
Veteran or Survivor Veteran or Survivor (blind) Veteran with Spouse/Partner Veteran with Spouse/Partner (both blind) Additional amount for each dependent child Orphan
$1,952.97 $2,022.90 $2,876.18 $2,945.89 $298.69 $894.97

Important note to Veterans and qualified civilians:

If you had wartime service and your income is higher than the maximum level because you or your spouse/common-law partner receive OAS benefits, in certain cases, you may qualify for treatment benefits.

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Disability Pension

  Monthly Rate Additional Monthly Amounts
Class Single Spouse One Child Second Child Each Other Child
1 $3215.80 $803.95 $418.05 $305.51 $241.19
5 $2572.64 $643.16 $334.44 $244.40 $192.95
10 $1768.69 $442.17 $229.93 $168.03 $132.65
15 $964.74 $241.19 $125.42 $91.65 $72.36
20 $160.79 $40.20 $20.90 $15.28 $12.06

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Exceptional Incapacity Allowance

Grade Amount
1 $1,702.35
2 $1,418.59
3 $1,134.89
4 $851.25
5 $567.47

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Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation

Grade Monthly amount
1 $1,691.76
2 $1,127.84
3 $563.92

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Critical Injury Benefit

The Critical Injury Benefit is a $84,203.16 tax-free lump-sum award to address the immediate impacts of the most severe and traumatic service-related injuries or diseases sustained by Canadian Armed Forces members.

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Death Benefit

The death benefit is a one-time, tax-free amount of $422,001.88 paid to a spouse or common-law partner and any dependent children if a CAF member dies while in service.

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Education Training Benefit

This program offers funding for college, university, technical education or short-term programs.

Years of Service
(authorized paid days)
Maximum Amount
6 years $46,196.15
12 years $92,392.30

You can use $5,774.51 of this benefit to participate in one-time short courses aimed at certification, professional designations, or professional development.

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Health-related travel

If you have a VAC Health Identification card you may qualify to have some or all your health-related travel costs covered. This can include transportation, parking, meals, lodging, out of province travel and, when required, an escort (someone to accompany you when travelling to receive treatment).

Current escort fee (maximum rates payable)
Time Amount
Full day $133.99
Half-day (4 hours or less) $67.00

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