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Agent Orange Ex-gratia Payment (VAC PPU 200)

Description: This bank describes information about individuals who applied for / were eligible for the Agent Orange ex-gratia payment. Personal information collected may include name; maiden name (if applicable); aliases; dates of birth and death; cause of death; death certificate; marriage, birth and/or adoption certificates; contact information; military service/regimental number; language; signature; Government of Canada pay information, to establish employment; employee personnel information including service dates and posting at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown; client identifier information; civilian employment records at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown; opinion of, or about, individuals; medical diagnosis and supporting medical information; proof of civilian residency; information of primary caregiver, including name (maiden name, if applicable), aliases, contact information and date of birth; guardian or power of attorney information; if applicable, proof of civilian residency for eligibility purposes could include: Statistics Canada/census Registration Numbers, income tax returns, land deeds, mortgages, leases, wills, bonds, legal correspondence, water or utility records, banking records, vehicle Registration Number or church records; affidavits/sworn statements.

Note: Revised in 2012 to update common language data elements and provide additional clarification. Information may be stored in Veterans Affairs Canada’s (VAC's) physical and electronic systems including: Client Service Delivery Network (CSDN). Some documents received in VAC, from the Department of National Defence (DND) may reference the Social Insurance Number (SIN) as DND personnel were required to use the SIN as their personal identification number between 1960 and 1990.

Class of Individuals: Canadian Forces Members who trained at or were posted to Canadian Forces Base Gagetown (CFB Gagetown), Federal Government employees, civilian contractors or civilians who were posted or were employed at or lived in CFB Gagetown; in 1966 and 1967 and civilians who lived in a community within five kilometres of CFB Gagetown in 1966 and 1967. May also include the applicant’s representative, physician, power of attorney and/or caregiver.

Purpose: Information was used to support the decision making process and to administer the Agent Orange ex-gratia payments. Personal information was collected pursuant to Order in Council P.C. 2007-1326 September 10, 2007, and Order in Council P.C. 2010-1607 December 9, 2010.

Consistent Uses: Information may be used and disclosed for planning, research, development, evaluation and/or reporting of programs, policies and services. The use and disclosure is limited to VAC areas that are involved in the identified program, service and policy. Such information may also be shared with senior management. Name, client identifier, and contact information may be shared with Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) to support the issue and post-issue of payments required by the Receiver General of Canada payment function; refer to institution-specific personal information bank, Receiver General Payments - PWGSC PPU 712.

Retention and Disposal Standards: The Agent Orange Ex-Gratia payment records are archival and will be transferred to Library and Archives Canada for preservation after VAC’s retention period has expired. The retention standard before transfer to Library and Archives Canada is under development.

RDA Number: 2017/002

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TBS Registration Number: 007309

Bank Number: VAC PPU 200

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