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National and International Memorials – Funeral and Burial Program (VAC PPU 260)

Description: This bank describes information about individuals who apply for/receive benefits under the Funeral and Burial Program, which is administered for VAC by the LPF, a non-profit organization. This program provides financial assistance for the funeral, burial, cremation and grave marking of eligible Veterans. Personal information about Veterans may include name, biographical information, dates and places of birth and death, marital status at death, date of enlistment and discharge, country of residence at time of death (Allied Veteran only), number and age(s) of dependent children at death, military service information, including service number and rank, pension number, residential address at death, service unit, VAC client number, financial information. Personal information about the applicants authorized representative, executors and survivors may include name, contact information, financial information, and signature. Additional personal information may relate to burial and grave marker information, which includes choice of cremation or casket, religion, gravesite/niche identification or location, date of burial, name and contact information of the owner of the gravesite/niche, and contact information of the cemetery and funeral home.

Note: In cases where the applicant (Veteran’s family/estate etc.) has no resources to pay for Veteran’s funeral, burial and grave marking (Type 1 Applications), the LPF will coordinate the funeral and burial services and pay for these services directly. The LPF will seek confirmation and entitlement to Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Death Benefit, through Service Canada, on behalf of the deceased Veteran in order to fully process funeral and burial assistance, as required.

Revised in 2019. Some documents received in VAC from the Department of National Defence may contain the Social Insurance Number because the Department of National Defence personnel were required to use it as their personal identification number between 1960 and 1990. Information may be stored in VAC's physical and electronic systems including: the Client Service Delivery Network (CSDN) and GCCase, which may include client initiated actions and responses made through My VAC Account. Personal Information is also stored within the Cannon Imageware program and the Funeral and Burial Data Base with the Last Post Fund.

Class of Individuals: The group or category of individuals about whom the personal information relates include: the deceased Canadian Veteran, applicants on behalf of the deceased Canadian Veteran, (may be family members, executors, or other representatives).

Purpose: Personal information is collected pursuant to the Veterans Burial Regulations, 2005, and is used to administer the funeral and burial program, which includes determining eligibility, applying for CPP death benefits on behalf of the Veterans’ estate and disbursing funds.

Consistent Uses: Information may be used and disclosed for planning, research, development, evaluation and/or reporting of programs, policies and services. The use and disclosure is limited to VAC areas that are involved in the identified program, service and policy, and may also be shared with senior management.

Personal information may be shared with other VAC programs, including programs covered by the application waiver provision under section 80.1 of the Pension Act and/or 78.1 of the Veterans Well-being Act, for the purpose of determining eligibility for additional benefits, assessments, case management, mental health initiatives, and/or commemorative activities, where applicable.

Personal information may be shared with the Public Trustee Estate Administrator and/or third party administrators for the administration of estates or to funeral directors for payment purposes.

Details of departmental benefit status, service particulars and date of birth may be given to the Last Post Fund representatives to determine eligibility for the provision of funeral and burial assistance.

Retention and Disposal Standards: Information for means-tested requests is retained for 60 days after Case is Closed if no appeal received. If Appeal received, file retained for 60 days after Appeal Case is Closed unless 2nd level appeal is received. The file is retained for 60 days after the 2nd level Appeal Case is Closed (decision made).

Information for Matter-of-Right requests will be retained in CSDN for seven years after the date of death of the client if no dependents exist or one hundred and ten (110) years after the date of birth of the client or survivor where there is no activity on the file or, where eligible dependents exist, seven years after eligibility ends.

RDA Number: 2017/002

Related Records: Funeral and Burial Program Class of Record VAC MVA 745; Memorials and Cemetery Maintenance Class of Record VAC MVA 735

TBS Registration Number: 20091696

Bank Number: VAC PPU 260

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