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Administration of Benefits and Services – Soldier Settlement Board and Veterans’ Land Administration (VAC PPU 350)

Description: This bank contains information related to all aspects of the administration of benefits and services under the Soldier Settlement Board and the Veterans’ Land Administration, which provided Veterans returning home from World War II and Korea assistance and access to obtain land and housing, and provided opportunities for Veterans to settle in Canada as farmers or fisherman. Personal information may include name, contact information, biographical information, dates of birth and death, military service number, client identifier, financial information, language, signature, gender, contact person, guardian or power of attorney information, surrogate or probate information, military service information, referral details, and service provider information.

Note: This institution-specific personal information bank replaces the following VAC personal information banks: Eligibility, Property Purchase and Sale, and Construction - VAC PPU 060; Property Sales and Other Dispositions - VAC PPU 065; Contractual Obligations - VAC PPU 070; and Devolution of Estates - VAC MVA 075. Some documents received in Veterans Affairs Canada from the Department of National Defence (DND) may contain the Social Insurance Number (SIN) because DND personnel were required to use it as their personal identification number between 1960 and 1990.

Class of Individuals: Veterans who were established in Canada under the Soldier Settlement Act and the Veterans’ Land Act, family members of those Veterans’, individuals who inherited from deceased Veterans, guardians, and individuals who exercise power of attorney.

Purpose: The purpose of this bank is to allow for the administration of all programs, benefits and services under the Veterans Land Administration program, including to facilitate determining eligibility for programs and services and to establish the appraisal and acquisition of property, equipment or businesses; to monitor payments, taxes, insurance, property maintenance and residence or operations as per contractual agreements; to facilitate the management, including sales and disposition, of properties and equipment acquired by the Director of the Land Administration Program; and information required for the devolution of estates to individuals entitled to inherit the agreement of sale of a deceased Veteran.

Consistent Uses: Information in this bank may be provided to Public Trustees, Estate Administrators, provincial taxation and registry offices, and Department of Justice Canada for the purposes of estate administration; (refer to Civil Proceedings and Legal Services, JUS PPU 010).

Retention and Disposal Standards: The Soldier Settlement and Veterans Land Act records are archival and will be transferred to Library and Archives Canada for preservation after VAC’s retention period has expired. The retention standard before transfer to Library and Archives Canada is under development.

RDA Number: 2017/002

Related Records: Soldier Settlement Board and Veterans’ Land Administration – Property Management and Maintenance Class of Record VAC MVA 865; Soldier Settlement Board and Veterans’ Land Administration – Program Operations and Administration Class of Record VAC MVA 870

TBS Registration Number: 20110522

Bank Number: VAC PPU 350

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