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Disability Awards (VAC PPU 603)

Description: This bank describes information that is used in support of determining eligibility and entitlement for benefits under the Disability Award program. The information is about individuals who applied for, or could apply for, and/or received a disability award in recognition of death, detention and the non-economic effects of service-related disabilities including pain and suffering, functional loss and the effects of permanent impairment on the lives of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Members, Veterans and their families. The personal information may include name; contact information; date and place of birth; date and place of death; death certificate; educational information is collected for dependants over 18 and attending post-secondary education in cases of continuing a claim upon the death of the member/Veteran or the Death Benefit or Disability Award claim is submitted after the death of the CAF Member or Veteran; financial information; income is collected of CAF Members and Veterans or their survivor in relation to Workers Compensation and similar compensation received for the same disability; income collected for incapacitated children; language; opinion of, or about, individuals; medical/health information; other identification numbers; employee personnel information; physical attributes; signature; accident and injury information; guardian or power of attorney information; decision and/or entitlement information about individuals may be received from other VAC programs, such as decisions on eligibility of spouse/common law partner and orphans if already rendered for the purposes of another VAC program with the same eligibility criteria for spouse/common law partner and orphans; employee identification number, military service information including Member’s Personnel Record Resume (MPPR) and service health records; information on orphans; marital status; spouse/common law partner information, which may include divorce or separation documents, reason for separation, length of time continuously lived together, name, the date of marriage or date common-law relationship began, date of birth of spouse or common-law partner, living arrangements, spouse/common law partner’s VAC disability or survivor benefits history and their employee identification number; witness statements.

Note: On April 1, 2019, the Disability Award program was replaced by the Pain and Suffering Compensation program. This Personal Information Bank applies to applications where decisions were rendered prior to April 1, 2019, as applications received prior to, but adjudicated after April 1, 2019, are ruled on under the Pain and Suffering Compensation program.

Revised in 2019. Information may be stored in VAC's physical and electronic systems including: Client Service Delivery Network (CSDN), which may include client initiated actions and responses made through My VAC Account, and/or, VAC staff contracted resource initiated actions and responses made through Benefit and Health Services On-line (BHSOL). Medical condition, medical code, entitlement, assessment, type of service under which the decision was rendered is stored in the Federal Health Claims Processing System (FHCPS) through a contract with Medavie Blue Cross. Some documents received in Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), from the Department of National Defence (DND) may reference the Social Insurance Number (SIN) as DND personnel were required to use the SIN as their personal identification number between 1960 and 1990.

Class of Individuals: Former and still serving members of the CAF, survivors, medical practitioners, guardians and individuals who exercise power of attorney and third party service providers.

Purpose: The personal information is used to administer the disability awards program and determine eligibility for the program, disburse funds and provide supports and services, if applicable. Personal information is collected pursuant to sections 45, 47, 48, 49, 50 and 80 of the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act and Regulations. The personal information is also used to make an additional lump-sum payment to eligible Veterans and survivors under section 108 of the Budget Implementation Act, 2016.

Consistent Uses: Information may be used and disclosed for planning, research, development, evaluation and/or reporting of programs, policies and services. The use and disclosure is limited to VAC areas that are involved in the identified program, service and policy. Such information may also be shared with senior management. Information may also be shared to support the provision of case management services to the client, if applicable. Name, client identifier and medical information may be shared with other VAC programs to determine eligibility for benefits under those programs:  reference the following institution- specific personal information banks:  Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Assistance (VAC PPU 300), Career Impact Allowance and Supplement  (VAC PPU 610), Non-departmental Institutions - Long Term Care (VAC PPU 619),  Veterans Independence Program (VIP) – Home Care Benefits and Services (VAC PPU 616), Veterans Independence Program– Other Services (VAC PPU 617), Non departmental Institutions – Veterans Independence Program (VIP) (VAC PPU 618), War Veterans Allowance (VAC PPU 040), Disability Pensions (VAC PPU 601),  Exceptional Incapacity Allowance (VACPPU 602), Treatment Allowance (VAC PPU 340), Other allowances (VAC PPU 604), Health Care Benefits and Services (VAC PPU 295), Mental Health (VAC PPU 320), Critical Injury Benefit (VAC PPU 700), Family Caregiver Relief Benefit (VAC PPU 702) and Veteran’s Hiring Act Initiative (VAC PPU 704). Name, client identifier and Veteran’s medical information, including relevant service information of the Veteran/Member and assessment details, required to determine eligibility for the orphan, may be shared with the Educational Assistance Program (VAC PPU 605). Name, service number, service information, medical information and any relevant information in support of the claim, may be shared with the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB) in support of the Reviews and Appeals process, (VRAB - Reviews and Appeals - VRAB PPU 080) and Pension Advocate Services (VAC PPU 365). Name, service number, medical code, medical disability description and effective date of benefits may be shared with the Department of National Defence (DND) to enable CAF medical authorities to assess and respond to members’ health needs; (refer to Medical Records - DND PPE 810). Name, contact information, client identifier, entitlement amounts and direct deposit instructions may be shared with Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) for the purposes of issuing payments; (refer to Receiver General Payments – PWGSC PCU 712). Name, client identifier, date of death, spouse/common law information and contact information of next of kin, may be shared with the Last Post Fund to determine eligibility for benefits under the Veterans Burial Regulations (Funeral and Burial Program - VAC PPU 260). Personal information, including Service Health Records may be obtained by PSPC, in accordance with an established Memorandum of Agreement for the purpose of creating a digital image of the record for use by VAC (refer to PSPC institution specific personal information bank, PWGSC PCU 709 - Document Imaging Solutions); PSPC will not use the personal information for the purposes of making administrative decisions.  By Order in Council 2011-1348, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) may provide services on behalf of VAC. Personal information may be collected by Citizen Service Officers in Service Canada Centres, acting as a receiving agent on behalf of VAC (refer to Veterans Affairs Canada Program Delivery ESDC PPU 701); information may include:  name, contact information, dates and places of birth and death, biographical information, aliases, language, signature, military service number, employee number or other identification numbers, military or other service information, witness statements, quality of life assessments,  financial information, medical information, marital status and dependent information (may include divorce, separation and custody documents), and citizenship status. Personal information received by VAC may be shared with other VAC programs to determine if individuals may be eligible for additional benefits, assessment purposes and/or case management, mental health initiatives, or for commemorative activities, where applicable. VAC has contracted an authorized and approved third party, located in Canada, to provide transportation, storage, maintenance retrieval, delivery, and destruction services of VAC records where applicable.  Personal information such as name, contact information, service information, health and financial information may be shared with Shared Services Canada in accordance with an established Service Level Agreement for the purpose of printing and mailing services.

Retention and Disposal Standards: Regardless of the format, as part of the client record, the retention period is 7 years after the date of death of the applicant. If the date is not known, the retention period is 110 years after the date of birth provided there are no known dependents, no outstanding claims against the crown, no actions involving the estate, no indication on file of the legal status of a dependent, and no activity of any kind.

RDA Number: 2017/002

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TBS Registration Number: 20120246

Bank Number: VAC PPU 603

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