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Public Education and Awareness (VAC PPU 620)

Description: This bank describes information about Canadians and Newfoundlanders who served in the First or Second World War, the Korean War, and other military conflicts, or during peacetime. This information is collected, compiled, maintained and used to develop resources and/or promotional materials devoted to Canadian military and remembrance. The bank may also contain contact information for educators and members of the general public who ordered print products about Canada’s military history from Veterans Affairs Canada. The personal information collected about Canadians and Newfoundlanders who served in the First or Second World War, the Korean War, and other military conflicts, or during peacetime, may include name; contact information; language preference; biographical information; dates and places of birth and death; military service information including service number and rank; marital status; personal opinions and views; photos; historical accounts in audio, video or written formats; relationship to donor; and signature. The personal information collected from educators and members of the general public who order our historical and remembrance related materials may include name, contact information, school/organization affiliation and phone number.

Note: Revised in 2019. This PIB Incorporates elements from each of the following former PIBs Remembrance Outreach VAC PPU 225 and National and International Memorials – Veterans Affairs Canada European Operations VAC PPU 250. Information may be presented in print or electronically via DVDs, USB keys, VAC’s Web site and/or the internet (using links from the Military Gateway, DND Web site, social media etc.). The on-line ordering system collects contact information from the public when placing orders for VAC’s learning resources and promotional products.

Some documents received in Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) from the Department of National Defence (DND) may reference the Social Insurance Number (SIN) as DND personnel were required to use the SIN as their personal identification number between 1960 and 1990).

Class of Individuals: Current or former members, Veterans of the Canadian and Allied forces; families of Veterans or those who died in service; the general public, including youth; representatives of Veterans Organizations; community representatives; and educators.

Purpose: Personal information is collected and shared pursuant to Order in Council P.C. 1965-688. The information collected about Veterans and those who died in service is used to document stories of Canadian military history; these stories are made available to the public via the internet, VAC’s Web site, social media, and media releases. As well, information is collected to facilitate the distribution of historical remembrance resources and promotional products to educators and members of the general public.

Consistent Uses: Information may be used and disclosed for planning, research, development, evaluation and/or reporting of programs, policies and services. The use and disclosure is limited to VAC areas that are involved in the identified program, service and policy, and may also be shared with senior management.

The personal information may also be used to obtain permission from an individual to share his or her own photos, stories, and other personal information with the public; increase Canadians’ knowledge of Canadian military history; and tell the stories of those who served Canada.

Personal information, such as contact information obtained by VAC, may be shared with an external third party contractor in accordance with an established contract for the purpose of distributing learning and historical resources for VAC. As well, this information may be used to help promote and distribute historical/remembrance resources and promotional products focusing on Canadian military history and remembrance and to develop feedback tools used to obtain valuable information from individuals who have used these resources.

Retention and Disposal Standards: Retention standards for information related to educational material, proofs, related research, and correspondence for Canada Remembers learning products is under development.

RDA Number: 2017/002

Related Records: Public Education and Awareness Class of Record VAC MVA 805

TBS Registration Number: 20091697

Bank Number: VAC PPU 620  

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