Ceremonies and Events (VAC PPU 621)

Description: This bank describes information that is used in support of remembrance related ceremonies and events to recognize and honour Canada’s war dead and Veterans, in Canada and overseas. The bank also describes personal information used to provide honours and awards (war medals), including the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation. The personal information may include: name, contact information, citizenship status, language, biographical information, relationship to Veteran, dates and places of birth and death, medical information, physical attributes relating to medical needs, military service information including service number and rank, client identifiers including War Veterans Allowance number and other identification numbers, decision and entitlement information, medals and awards information, opinions and views of or about individuals, emergency contact information (may include neighbor), passport information, travel information, special needs information, financial information of delegates, and signature. Youth participant, caregiver and delegate information may include name, date and place of birth, name of school, contact information, relation to former or still serving Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, travel and passport information, contact information including neighbours and friends, language and signature.

Note: Revised in 2016. Information may be stored in VAC's physical and electronic systems including the Awards Application Program, as well as the Client Service Delivery Network (CSDN), which may include client initiated actions and responses made through My VAC Account. A website application for the Bomber Command Bar and the Korean War Veterans Certificate is available on the VAC website. The information gathered will be stored electronically in a Novell application that was designed for VAC Honours and Awards. Some documents received in VAC from the Department of National Defence may contain the Social Insurance Number because Department of National Defence personnel were required to use it as their personal identification number between 1960 and 1990.

Class of Individuals: The general public, Canadian Veterans, family members, designated caregivers of Veterans, youth, CAF members, media representatives, Veterans organization representatives, Members of Parliament, VAC medical personnel and staff, Veterans of the Allied Forces, Nursing Sisters, representatives from various levels of government abroad and foreign dignitaries.

Purpose: Personal information is collected pursuant to Order-in-Council P.C. 1948 -811 and Order-in-Council P.C. 1965-688 which assigns the Minister of Veterans Affairs the responsibility for “Ceremonies at the 1914-1918 National War Memorial, Remembrance Ceremonies in connection with the war dead outside of Canada, and National Services in Canada to commemorate the war dead, or related subjects.” It is used to administrate all aspects of leading and supporting remembrance ceremonies and events, in Canada or overseas; as well as to determine eligibility for the honours and awards program and to issue and distribute medals and awards, including replacement honours and awards, to eligible Veterans or family members to acknowledge those who serve Veterans with the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation.

Consistent Uses: In some circumstances, information may be disclosed to hosting countries to assess individuals for admissibility. Information may be used and disclosed for planning, research, development, evaluation and/or reporting of programs, policies and services. The use and disclosure is limited to VAC areas that are involved in the identified program, service and policy. Such information may also be shared with senior management. Information is used to arrange travel for delegates participating in in-Canada and overseas ceremonies and events. Information is disclosed to third parties/other government institutions as required for the purposes of planning safe, stress-free, harmonious travel experiences for all delegates. Delegates’ medical information is shared with Veterans Affairs medical staff to identify any health related issues and travel requirements. If a delegate requires additional medical attention that Veterans Affairs Canada medical staff cannot provide, delegate medical information (i.e. level of treatment administered, symptoms etc.) will be provided to local authorities to ensure proper medical assistance. Names, passport information, special needs requirements, and other relevant information may be shared with travel and event coordinators and their partners, namely: municipal organizations, Veterans organizations, the Department of National Defence, and Global Affairs Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and officials of foreign governments. Some information gathered about Veterans and other individuals, in relation to commemorative events, with appropriate consent, may also be posted on VAC's Internet or Intranet site, or disclosed through media releases. Delegate personal information may be shared to a select group of 17 national security-mandated institutions in response to threats that undermine the security of Canada via the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act (SCISA). This Act aims to improve the effectiveness and timeliness of information sharing for national security purposes by establishing an explicit authority for all federal government institutions to disclose information to designated recipients. Personal information received by VAC may be shared with other VAC programs to determine if individuals may be eligible for additional benefits, or for commemorative activities, where applicable. Name, service number, military rank, service information and family information may be shared with Library and Archives Canada and the Department of National Defence to request service records, which are reviewed to determine eligibility for Honours and Awards (refer to institution-specific personal information banks: Military Personnel Bank – LAC PPU 024 and History, Heritage and Honours DND PPE 823). Service history and documents and personal information found on nomination forms for the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation may also be used to determine eligibility.

Retention and Disposal Standards: Information related to small scale events is retained as active for 4 years after the current year. The information is then retained as semi-active for 5 years and then destroyed with the following exceptions: event participant questionnaires including medical examiner's reports, contact information, passport information, personal information questionnaires, etc. are retained for 2 years and then destroyed.

The personal information listed below for commemoration events that are national and/or international in scope, including pilgrimages, for each of the following anniversaries of each event commemorated: 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 65th, 75th, 90th, 100th, 125th and 150th - all photographs, including negatives, prints, slides, and/or digital photos as well as any and all related documentation (metadata, copyright materials, release forms, consent forms, corresponding file lists, caption information, etc.); all audio-visual recordings and all related documentation (metadata, copyright materials, release forms, consent forms, corresponding file lists, transcripts, etc.) has been deemed archival and will be retained for 15 years (Vimy 2007 events) or 20 years (National and International Commemorative Events - Significant Anniversaries) and then transferred into the ownership of Library and Archives Canada. The personal information collected for National and International Commemorative Events - other Anniversaries including medical releases, schedules, agendas, photographs, recordings, etc., are retained as active for 10 years after the current year. The information is then retained as semi-active for 5 years and then destroyed.

Electronic information pertaining to the Canada Remembers program held in the CSDN as part of the individual client record will be retained for 6 years after DOD, or 90 years after DOB of client or survivor or 6 years after end of eligibility period for dependents. The retention period for personal information collected with regards to honours and awards is still under development.

RDA Number: 2017/002

Related Record Numbers: Class of Records associated with the following Institutional Functions, Programs and Activities: Disability and Death Compensation, Financial Support Programs, Health Care Programs and Re-establishment Services & Other VAC Information Holdings.

TBS Registration Number: 002280

Bank Number: VAC PPU 621

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