How to appeal

If you disagree with a decision made by the Department, you can request a review.

Departmental Review

Your first level of appeal is a departmental review. In this circumstance, you may have new evidence that was missing from your original application or you may feel that Veterans Affairs Canada has erred. In either case, a reviewer will examine your written submission including any new evidence to determine whether the original decision should be changed.

To request a departmental review, please contact us, the Bureau of Pensions Advocates or a Royal Canadian Legion Service Officer.

Veterans Review and Appeal Board

If you are not satisfied with your departmental review, you can appeal to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board. The Board was created by Parliament in 1995 to provide Veterans and other applicants with an independent avenue of appeal for disability decisions made by Veterans Affairs Canada.

Bureau of Pensions Advocates

The Bureau of Pensions Advocates is a unique, nation-wide organization of lawyers within Veterans Affairs Canada. The Bureau provides free legal help for people who are not satisfied with decisions about their claims for disability benefits.

Judicial Review

In very specific circumstances, you may be able to request a Judicial Review through the Federal Court of Canada. This approach may be considered only in situations where you feel that the Board has made an error in law or in fact, or has overlooked significant facts that may have far-reaching effects on a larger class of clients. This usually involves an issue of interpretation of specific law(s). Your BPA lawyer will advise you if they think a judicial review is an option you should consider.

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