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On a Small Boat

Heroes Remember

Got to Jasper Park. I was a C Company with the Royal Rifles of Canada and they asked, the colonel asked if anybody would take a company out on a small boat and Major Bishop came forward and said, yes, and they took us off of the train, our company and we went out to Vancouver. We had another set up, another car set up, our company and when we got to Vancouver to sail or Victoria, or wherever it was, we were on the Prince Robert and they were on a big boat. We were a little nervous there because there was a little boat in the Pacific and it was quite a rough thing and it was three days out I believe when they read the order that we were going to Hong Kong. And I guess it was pretty shocking, I thought, you know. We were looking forward, we were going overseas, to go over to be at Germany and England and that's what was on our mind but good all along, it was, landed there and we were devastated though when we landed in Hong Kong because the papers looked bad and, you know, the war looked bad and papers, you could, of course a lot of propaganda, you know, but it was still indicated that we were in for nothing good.

Mr Law volunteers to travel on a small boat to Hong Kong.

Reginald Law

Reginald Law was born on April 13th, 1920 in Flatland, New Brunswick. His father took sick from his job as a fish warden so Mr. Law was called to work during grade eight to fill in as a fish guide until he joined the army when he was nineteen. He enlisted at Valcartier, Quebec and joined the Royal Rifles of Canada.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 10, 1998
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Reginald Law
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Second World War
Royal Rifles of Canada

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