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We weren't prepared for this, I don't think. As far as the fighting and the rest, where there was action there was a lot of people killed, there were some on both sides but we must remember we were out-numbered about maybe twelve to one or more. It was just devastating, it was just rifles and they were just coming, they were coming from all directions, you know, and some of our boys broke down and ... Christmas Day, and it's in the morning, we were on the top of a mountain first and that's where we were sent, that's where we had to turn in our weapons but we hung onto our rifles till the last minute that we could. Then we were ushered up, we ended up in Stanley Mountain. That's where we lost some men there on Christmas Day, 1941 and in the morning after we were taken up, we went up to Stanley Mountain, the yard where we were all standing and they made us destroy things like a whole case of liquor in case these Japanese would get into this and my goodness what they might do but we declared that all and went over to the hospital to see our friends who was laying there, some was there, some was in bad shape, a lot of them, most of our own was killed on Christmas Day, not counting the people that died, but killed there. I would say the majority was on Christmas Day from side to side. I thought it was devastating. Stanley Mountain, we went from Stanley Mountain to North Point Prison camp, that was a murder.

Mr Law talks about the fight in Hong Kong and tells about Christmas Day on the island.

Reginald Law

Reginald Law was born on April 13th, 1920 in Flatland, New Brunswick. His father took sick from his job as a fish warden so Mr. Law was called to work during grade eight to fill in as a fish guide until he joined the army when he was nineteen. He enlisted at Valcartier, Quebec and joined the Royal Rifles of Canada.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 10, 1998
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Reginald Law
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Second World War
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Royal Rifles of Canada

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