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Camp 3D

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The camp itself looked a little better than the one we smashed up in North Point prison camp. And we had blankets and I had a fellow by the name of Tommy Jones, he was a small fellow and there was like a seat, there was a mat, a corner, a haywire mat, that was on the bed and we had some blankets and we used to make a bag and crawl in that at night and sleep. It was cold, it was cold there. We weren't used to the cold but they had a lot of, I only saw snow once there but we saw cold weather. The fire pails at the end of each bed would freeze and your feet would have what they called hot feet and the boys would shove their feet through that and take the pain away, you know, it's a... Interviewer: Now hot feet was from beriberi? We have it, you know, most of us have it today.

Mr Law tells a bit about Camp 3D in Japan.

Reginald Law

Reginald Law was born on April 13th, 1920 in Flatland, New Brunswick. His father took sick from his job as a fish warden so Mr. Law was called to work during grade eight to fill in as a fish guide until he joined the army when he was nineteen. He enlisted at Valcartier, Quebec and joined the Royal Rifles of Canada.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 10, 1998
Person Interviewed:
Reginald Law
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Royal Rifles of Canada

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