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Comfort in Sharing With Fellow Soldiers

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Comfort in Sharing With Fellow Soldiers

We’re all brothers and sisters. No matter what rank you are or whatever, we’re all in it for the same thing. To help whoever is in need of help while we are down there but between us we are all brothers and sisters. If one of us is in need of something or needs help or whatever, you would have ten, fifteen, twenty people who would be willing to come and help you out. So the comradery is very, very very strong, very strong. Interviewer: And during these times of tension and fear that you experienced, did you feel comfortable in sharing with your fellow soldiers what you were going through? I was comfortable with them, yes, in sharing and I was more… even though I was stressed or my adrenalin was high, when I was around with people that I knew, I was comfortable. There wasn’t anything that worried me around me because I knew that somebody was watching my back as I was watching their back or whatever. I felt secure. And then when being by myself and being with people you don’t know, you’re not always certain, you don’t know the people but even now I knew that . everybody had our back

Mr. Villeneuve explains the strong sense of comradery amongst his fellow soldiers and the willingness to share the level of fear and anxiety experienced

George Villeneuve

George Villeneuve was born February 4, 1964 in Ottawa, Ontario. At 17 years of age, he made the choice to join the military and became a part of the Infantry 031, Royal 22e Regiment as part of a Recce Platoon 3rd Battalion. In 1985 he travelled to Cyprus as a driver for the Operational Service Officer. Following this tour, Mr. Villeneuve accepted tours to Bosnia and Golan Heights holding occupation as driver. After years of service, Mr. Villeneuve was medically discharged from the army with PTSD. He has accepted assistance for his condition and has welcomed Vardo - a service dog and true companion into his home. Mr. Villeneuve is enjoying life again and resides with his family in Ottawa.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
November 21, 2013
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George Villeneuve
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Canadian Armed Forces
Royal 22e Régiment

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