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The Comfort of A Dog

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The Comfort of A Dog

Now as you see I have a dog with me. He is a dog that is with me for 24 hours, 7 days a week and he’s there for my PTSD and my diabetes. So without him I wouldn’t make it. Just a month before I had the phone call saying that I would get a dog for my problems I almost committed suicide. This was because of all the problems that I had. Problems, issues that I had that were not resolved, that are still not resolved but having to have this dog now it changed the whole aspect of my life. I got someone to take care of; he’s always there for me. I am always there for him. He gets me off the couch. I don't have to stay in the basement by myself. He gets to take me out and I take him out for walks. I say he takes me out for walks but it’s actually me that’s taking him out for walks. He follows me everywhere and if I am not around well, he cries. He wonders where I am at and, you know, and he’s my dog. It’s amazing when I have bad dreams he will wake me up, prevent me from having a dream. If I am having an episode of PTSD he’ll jump on me or rub himself against me to distract me from my thoughts so that I concentrate on him so he senses that. There's a chemical that we release from our body that they know and he’s able to detect that and with that he protects me and prevents me from going any further in my thoughts.

Mr. Villeneuve expresses how his dog, Vardo, has given him new life providing protection and security from the trust of his new companion.

George Villeneuve

George Villeneuve was born February 4, 1964 in Ottawa, Ontario. At 17 years of age, he made the choice to join the military and became a part of the Infantry 031, Royal 22e Regiment as part of a Recce Platoon 3rd Battalion. In 1985 he travelled to Cyprus as a driver for the Operational Service Officer. Following this tour, Mr. Villeneuve accepted tours to Bosnia and Golan Heights holding occupation as driver. After years of service, Mr. Villeneuve was medically discharged from the army with PTSD. He has accepted assistance for his condition and has welcomed Vardo - a service dog and true companion into his home. Mr. Villeneuve is enjoying life again and resides with his family in Ottawa.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
November 21, 2013
Person Interviewed:
George Villeneuve
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Canadian Armed Forces
Royal 22e Régiment

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