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Different Types of Skin Grafts

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Different Types of Skin Grafts

You know, some of them had their pedicles attached to their shoulders or something and it gives you a bit of a shock at first and I didn't quite know whether I'd be able to stand it but, you know, before long you never even noticed they even had anything wrong with them. You just knew that person, right, right, right, it was really wonderful. I think Sir Archibald did a lot of experimenting and I don't think he really knew himself what he was going to do and he'd start by cutting their tummies like that and bringing a pedicle out here like that and then he'd get the circulation going right across there and they'd be able to put their hands underneath it. And then they'd attach it to their wrist or their shoulder or somewhere or put an arm up like that or leg up like that. You never knew what you were going to find. I mean sometimes it went from the leg and they'd be in a plaster cast. It was really amazing, absolutely amazing until the three weeks were up or so until the good supply started and then they could cut it off and they use that flap to put up here and then they brought it down, shaped his nose. Some of them had operations, well some were in the hospital eight years.

Mrs. Mortimer describes the skin grafts performed by the doctors and how experimenting with the patients on all parts of their bodies was accepted.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Marion Mortimer
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Second World War
Operating Room Nurse

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