Eligibility for Health Care Programs - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Care has been taken to ensure these policies accurately reflect the acts and regulations. Should any inconsistencies be found, the acts and regulations will prevail.


This policy provides guidance on Veterans Affairs Canada’s (VAC) administration of health care benefits for Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) pensioned discharged regular members, including pensioned discharged special constable members, as well as pensioned serving or pensioned retired civilian members, through VAC-RCMP Memoranda of Understanding.


Eligible RCMP Personnel

  1. The RCMP has three categories of members covered by this policy:
    1. Pensioned Discharged Regular Members:

      Regular members have peace officer status.

    2. Pensioned Serving or Pensioned Retired Civilian Members:

      Civilian members are not delegated the powers of a peace officer and do not have peace officer status. Civilian members have specialized qualifications or training, primarily in the application of technical, scientific or law-enforcement expertise in direct support of law-enforcement activities and in developing and interpreting law-enforcement policies. They may be accountants, forensic scientists, computer analysts, lab technicians, amongst other specialized positions. Civilian members have regimental numbers commencing with the letter "C" or “B”.

    3. Pensioned Discharged Special Constable Members:

      Special Constable members, designated under the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act, perform police-like duties and are eligible for a pension (receive same treatment as regular members for the purpose of this policy).


  1. The RCMP sets the direction and has the authority over what benefits and services are available to its serving and discharged members under the authority of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Regulations 2014. The RCMP are not included in the Department of Veterans Affairs Act, and therefore do not fall under the mandate of the Minister of Veterans Affairs.
  2. The administration of disability pension-related health care for pensioned serving or retired RCMP civilian members and pensioned discharged RCMP regular members or pensioned discharged special constable members is provided by VAC.
  3. RCMP members receiving a disability pension in accordance with the Pension Act (for more information, see the policy entitled Royal Canadian Mounted Police Disability Pension Claims) may also access treatment benefits (Programs of Choice 1-14) related to their pensioned condition(s)..
  4. The RCMP is responsible for the provision of health care benefits for all serving regular members and special constable members when the need for health care relates to RCMP service.
  5. The RCMP also employs civilians who are members of the Federal Public Service, but they are not covered by this policy.

Health Care Benefits - Pensioned Condition

  1. VAC may cover the cost of health care required in respect of a pensioned condition for eligible RCMP personnel described in paragraph 1 (see the the Treatment for a Disability Benefits Entitled Condition policy for more information).
  2. Health care benefits consist of treatment benefits and supplementary benefits (e.g. Health-related Travel). See the Health-related Travel policy for more information.

Treatment Allowances - Pensioned Condition

  1. Health care benefits also include in-patient treatment allowances for discharged or retired RCMP members. VAC administers treatment allowances for the following groups of RCMP members if they receive in-patient acute hospital care related to their pensioned condition:
    1. pensioned discharged RCMP regular members,
    2. pensioned discharged special constable members, and
    3. pensioned retired civilian members.
  2. Serving RCMP members are not eligible for in-patient treatment allowances; as such, pensioned serving civilian members are excluded from receiving this benefit. RCMP members are not eligible for treatment allowances for any out-patient treatment from VAC (see Treatment Allowances policy).

Excluded Health Benefits

  1. RCMP members (serving or discharged) are not eligible for other VAC programs such as: Veterans Independence Program, including intermediate care; Long Term Care; Veterans Well-being Act services and benefits; and Last Post Fund.

RCMP Members with Canadian Armed Forces Service

  1. RCMP members who also have VAC disability benefits entitlement related to service with Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) can receive from VAC all of the benefits to which they may be entitled as a former member of the CAF, including access to health care for their disability benefits entitled condition related to the CAF.


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Royal Canadian Mounted Police Disability Pension Claims

Treatment In Respect of a Pensioned or Awarded Condition

Health-related Travel

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