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Veterans’ Week Posters

Each year Veterans Affairs Canada commissions the design of a poster to commemorate Veterans’ Week. It is hoped that these posters will remind Canadians of the sacrifices and achievements made by Canada’s Veterans during times of war and peace. Remembering and reflecting on the significance of the contribution they made, and continue to make, strengthens the commitment to preserve the values that they fought and died for - truth, justice, peace, freedom and knowledge.

Over the years, the Veterans’ Week posters have been both artistic and photographic in nature. Themes have ranged from marking specific battles or events to portraying the very personal side of war and peace. The posters date back to 1982.

In recent years, matching postcards, bookmarks, and web site activities have also been added to increase visibility and awareness. The Canada Remembers Program would like Canadians of all ages to become involved in remembrance activities that will help preserve the legacy of Veterans and their efforts for future generations.

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