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Veteran Employment

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Veteran Employment

Employment is important to well-being and adjustment from military to civilian life. According to the Life After Service Studies, Canadian Veterans (released from 1998-2012) who were not working were more likely to report difficulty adjusting to civilian life. Overall, the employment story is quite positive for Canadian Veterans, with the majority working in jobs they are satisfied with. However, a third of those who are working are dealing with long-term health conditions.

  1. Most Veterans work after release
    The majority of Veterans work after release: 72% of Regular Force; 84% of Reserve Class A/B; and 80% of Reserve Class C. At 7%, the unemploy-ment rate is on par with that of the Canadian public.

  2. Experiencing activity limitations at work
    Working Veterans are much more likely than working Canadians to report long-term physical or mental health condi-tions or a health-related activity limitation at work (35% vs 13%).

  3. Career-ready and satisfied
    Almost half of the Veterans sur-veyed (46%) feel their military skills transferred to their civilian job and a strong majority (75%)are satisfied with their civilian careers.

  4. Almost 1/4 aren't in the labour force
    Regular Force Veterans are “not in the labour force” at a higher rate than the general Canadian popula-tion (23% vs 18%). This means they are not looking for work as opposed to the “unemployed” group who are actively looking for work.

Labour Force Participation: Regular Force Veterans
Employed Not in the Labour Force Unable to Work Unemployed
71.9% 19.3% 5.3% 3.5%

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