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Veterans Affairs Canada Ministerial Advisory Groups

Notice of Opportunity

Are you interested in issues relating to Veterans and their families in the areas of policy, service delivery, mental health, care and support, families, transition and commemoration? The Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence is looking for individuals to join his advisory groups and provide advice on these topics.

We are looking for Veterans, Canadians and stakeholders from all regions of the country with diverse knowledge, expertise and experience who want to make a contribution by sharing perspectives and advice on issues relevant to Veterans and their families.

New members will be appointed by the Minister to each of the following advisory groups:

  • Policy Advisory Group: Provides advice on priority issues associated with policy aspects of existing programs and services, as well as new initiatives and emerging priorities.
  • Service Excellence and Transition Advisory Group: Provides advice on priority issues associated with transition from military to civilian life, the service delivery aspects of programs, as well as the services and benefits currently in place that support the health and well-being of Veterans and their families.
  • Mental Health Advisory Group: Provides advice on priority issues related to mental health among Veterans, notably, operational stress injuries (OSI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and suicide prevention.
  • Care and Support Advisory Group: Provides advice on priority issues related to the special health needs and continuity of care for Veterans of all ages.
  • Advisory Group on Families: Provides advice on priority issues related to Veterans' families and support systems.
  • Commemoration Advisory Group: Provides advice on priority issues related to the delivery of departmental commemoration activities, commemoration of recent conflicts and education.

Official languages and diversity

Diversity and inclusion are core public service values and are among VAC's key priorities. To foster greater equality, diversity and inclusion, the selection of candidates may prioritize groups that are currently underrepresented. This includes candidates who are members of one or more of the following groups: Black and racialized people, gender diverse people, Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ2 people, persons with disabilities and women.

Compensation and tenure

Advisory group members do not receive a salary but will be reimbursed for reasonable and pre-approved expenses related to the work of the advisory groups in accordance with Treasury Board Directive on Travel, Hospitality, Event and Conference Expenditures

Members will serve at the discretion of the Minister and during the tenure of the Minister. Members must be available for meetings to be held approximately four times per year (quarterly) both in person and/or virtual.

Who can apply

Any Canadian, or permanent resident 18 years old and over (as of January 1, 2021), is eligible to apply. Applications from a broad cross-section of people with expertise, leadership, lived-experience and/or interest in Veteran issues will be considered, including:

  • Veterans;
  • Representatives of Veteran organizations, including RCMP Veterans organizations;
  • Non-profit, public and private sector leaders;
  • Academics and educators;
  • Family members and/or caregivers of Veterans; and
  • Youth.

What we are looking for

The following experience factors will be considered during the selection process:

  • Experience as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces or RCMP;
  • Experience in dealing with the Canadian Armed Forces military culture;
  • Experience as a family member of a Veteran or Canadian Armed Forces member;
  • Experience working with Veterans, including RCMP Veterans or current involvement with the Veteran community;
  • Experience working with other Veteran-centric community or volunteer organizations.

In addition to the above, experience in one or more of the following areas will be considered as an asset:

  • General policy making;
  • Delivery of services related to the mandate of the Department in areas such as, but not limited to: mental health; seniors care; health care; rehabilitation; housing and homelessness; transition from military to civilian life; and, military families;
  • Research related to Veterans and/or military families;
  • Communications;
  • Education;
  • Military history.

How to submit your application

Please submit the following via email to

  • A completed application form;
  • An up-to-date resume; and
  • A cover letter highlighting your relevant experience (two pages maximum, approximately 1000 words).

If you have any difficulties filling out the application form, please contact us at

Please note:

Review of applications will begin on 22 July 2021.

Code of Conduct and privacy provisions

To allow for a frank and open discussion and to promote a culture of mutual trust, respect, professionalism, integrity and accountability, members will be required to sign a Terms of Reference that will include a Code of Conduct. Non-compliance with the Code of Conduct may result in dismissal from the advisory group.

Members will have their name posted to the Veterans Affairs Canada website.

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) takes your privacy seriously. Your personal information is collected in order to identify and select qualified candidates for Ministerial Appointments and is managed based on the Privacy Act. Information will only be shared with Departmental and Ministerial Officials involved in the selection process for the purpose of selecting qualified candidates.

The Privacy Act provides you with a right of access to your personal information, and to request changes to that personal information if it contains errors. If you are unhappy with how we handle your personal information, you can file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at 30 Victoria Street, Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 1H3. Additional information about how VAC handles your personal information can be found in the Standard Personal Information Bank, Members of Boards, Committees and Councils (VAC PSU 919) noted in the Information about Programs and Information Holdings publication on VAC's website.

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