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Careers in the federal public service

As a Veteran of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), you bring exceptional abilities and expertise to the workplace. Along with your commitment to teamwork and your leadership skills, you can make a real difference while continuing to serve Canada.

Veterans Affairs Canada is eager to help you continue to serve your country in the federal public service.

The Government of Canada is creating new avenues for Canadian Armed Forces personnel and Veterans to find a job in the federal public service.

Before you start

Information for members and Veterans who want to apply for jobs in the federal public service.

Searching for jobs

How to find available jobs in the public service.

How to read a job advertisement

Understanding the terms found on a typical federal public service job advertisement.

Preparing your application

Information to help you develop your cover letter and resume.

After you apply

Information about how applicants are assessed.


Answers to some of the most common questions about starting a career in the federal public service.

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