National Military Cemetery

The National Military Cemetery

Located in Ottawa, Beechwood Cemetery became the home of Canada's National Military Cemetery in 2007. It brought together four sections of the cemetery where war dead, Veterans and those who died in service rest in peace, to create what is now known as Canada's National Military Cemetery.

For more than 100 years, Canada's military community has been burying its members in one of the four military sections at Beechwood Cemetery. The first three sections created were sections 19, 21 and 27. In these sections we will find war dead and Veterans. There are no more interments spaces available in sections 19 and 21. Section 27 is the largest of the three and a Cross of Sacrifice, erected by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in 1959 is located in the middle of the Field of Honour.

In 2001, the Department of the National Defence (Canadian Forces) opened section 103. This section is dedicated to the memory of Canadian service personnel who honourably served their country in war and peace, at home and abroad, and are now at rest.

In September 2007, a ceremony was held to declare all four military sections at Beechwood as Canada's National Military Cemetery. Paths connecting all the sections were created and plaques identifying each section were put in place. A large bronze plaque was unveiled at the ceremony with the following inscription:

"Canada's National Military Cemetery, dedicated on 13 September 2007, is a partnership amongst the beechwood cemetery foundation, the commonwealth war graves commission, the Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada. This cemetery brings together all those who rest here who died on active service, whose death was related to service, or who served honourably and chose to rest amongst their comrades in these sacred grounds."


Take highway 417 and exit at St. Laurent Blvd north. Turn left onto Hemlock Road. The cemetery gates will be on the left hand side.

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